GXP-2000 Hardware Notes

Hardware revisions

This section should be used to collect information about HW revisions, new features and bugs that are hardware-related.- Kurgan

For HW v0.4 internals see GXP-2000 Firmware Hacking

  • 16 Sep 2006: Some newer units that I have bought recently have dual color (green/red) LEDs for line buttons and speed dial/BLF buttons, but it seems that current firmware does not use this feature at all. In these units LEDs glow green at boot, then always red during normal operation. These units came with firmware preloaded. - Kurgan
    • The 1.1.0.x series firmware does not utilise the green LEDs, however, the 1.1.1.x firmware does. - RobH (au)
    • How? I only see them green when configured as BLF, and then red or blinking red when line is in use/ringing. It seems that the only difference is that leds are green instead of not lit, when line is not in use. What's the purpose of the green light? Kurgan

Hardware faults and problems:

Backlight fades over time
The white LED backlights on the LCD display seem to be of very poor quality and if the phone is set to leave the backlight 'always on' then after as little as 2-3 months the light output from the LEDs has dropped so much that the display is barely visible.

Blemish in LCD screen
- These are hardly noticeable and are impossible to see with the BL on.
- This can be easily fixed without voiding your warranty. there are 4 screws on the back of the lcd, try loosening the screw(s) closest to the blemish by about half a turn. :)

Handset Static

- Pickup the handset punch any digit there will be a light hum but it shouldnt be noticeable, if there is loud static or crackling you have a problem...

- RMA this one

Speakerphone Mic Static
- Go to the menu and turn on the Audio Loop Back Test with out any noise in the room there will be a light hum but it shouldn't be noticeable, again, if there is loud static or crackling you have a problem...
- RMA this

Phone Frequently Crashes on POE
- Every 15 minutes to 2 hours the phone will just lock up when using POE
    • This may be a localised issue - I have an entire office running GXP-2000s on a Netgear PoE Switch + others in different buildings on PoE adaptors and we do not have this issue Linker3000

Speaker Hisses and Phone Occasionally Crashes When Using POE
- This fault has developed on approx 6 of our 30 phones which are now getting on for being 3 years old. I have opened the phone and discovered a faulty component in the power supply which would explain the problem. I am getting a replacement component and will update this page if it fixes the issue and then doa proper write up on how to fix the problem.

Phone Doesnt Hangup
- Basically if you can set the handset down without the phone hanging up you have a problem.
- if you like having a warranty do an RMA otherwise, take the 4 screws out of the back of the phone separate the 2 halves and place about 5mm worth of sticky tape on top of the blue part of the switch shown below, this is the switch that is pressed down when you set down the handset.


Phone Resets on Static Discharge
- Grounding may be inadequate on these phones. It doesn't seem too hard to zap the phone in a static-prone environment. Instead of properly grounding anything that could be shocked so the phone is unaffected, most static discharge that is significant enough for you to feel it will cause the phone to lock or reboot.
- Perhaps related to poor grounding, we have a Plantronics wireless headset in use with one of our GXP-2000s. More often than not, when the user places their headset in the charging station, their phone locks up. I have switched his phone with another phone, and he still gets the same behavior.

Plugging in Headset Physically Disconnects Phone's Speaker
See - GXP-2000-Hardware-Mods

Speaker phone isn't very clear or loud
See - GXP-2000-Hardware-Mods

Power supply issues
I have had three separate GXP-2000 units appear to be broken, but it turned out to be just the power supply. The power supplies seem to have a failure mode where it does not output enough voltage to operate the phone, but just enough to make some of the LED's come on and fool you into thinking that the problem is the phone itself instead of the power supply. Any 5 volt DC power supply will work as a replacement. Hint: the power supply from an old "Zip" drive is a perfect replacement for the GXP-2000 power supply — it is the same voltage and connector, and is of substantially better quality.

Build your own headset adapter

I've build my own headset adapter (2x3,5mm -> 1x3,5mm) for my Grandstream. If you're interessed in it I documented it on my Grandstream GXP-2000 page.

Buy a headset adapter for the GXP-2000

The GXP-2000 should work with almost any standard 2.5mm headset by using a 2.5mm to 3.5mm (aka 3/32" to 1/8") audio adapter (Radio Shack #274-397).

NB: Headset Adapters now included in GXP-2000 packaging

DC power connector central pin on phone is wrong size for plug on power adapter
- These connectors come in different sizes and it looks like the plug and socket are not matched. It is only the spring pressure of the outer contact that allows the phone to work at all as it presses the plug to one side and the central pin then touches the inside of the plug at one point. If the spring pressure of outer contact reduces after time and use, then the phone will fail to power up.
  • Have to agree: I have often found that moving GXP2000s causes them to reboot due to a 'loose' power connector. - Linker3000

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