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Small and medium companies have a long journey to make until they reach the status of a big company. They can however create a big company image by attaining a nationwide presence using a toll free voice mail system. Toll free numbers are usually associated with large companies. By acquiring such kind of numbers, small companies can seem big among their clients and customers.

A toll free voice mail system comes with a sophisticated interface featuring auto attendant, live call transfers, music-on-hold, and many other features associated with an expensive PBX system. This system ensures that there is no busy tone for the callers. In case the calls are unattended or the lines are busy, the calls are automatically diverted to the voice mail system. Here, the caller is offered the option of leaving a message or connecting to another live operator. The message recording feature comes in handy for the owner of the phone number, since the messages can be checked anytime.

A company can offer individual voice mailboxes to employees using a toll free voice mail service. In case the employees could not personally attend the calls meant for them, they can always check for the messages in their personal voice mailbox. Such kind of facility is helpful if the employee receives multiple calls at the same time. The callers don’t get a busy tone, and above all important messages are not missed. Offices with high volume of calls from customers and clients can greatly benefit from this system. The toll free voice mail service even comes in handy when the employee is not at office and out of reach. In such as case, the employee can check his/her voice mailbox through Internet or through a special access phone number provided by the service provider.

Toll free voice mail service from a hosted pbx company comes at a far less cost than that sourced through a phone company. Telephone companies usually put a limit in the size of voice mailbox. There is also great limit in the number of phone connections. Additional phone lines come at a good sum of money. On the contrary, toll free voice mail service from a hosted pbx company comes with whole lot of connections and virtually unlimited message capacity. Additional phone connections can be added at slight increase in the monthly fee. Toll free voice mail systems gives your company the much need image of professionalism and success. While the toll free numbers give a national presence, the voice mail system with its sophisticated interface gives the impression of a big company.

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