Gizmo Project is a closed-source software phone developed by SIPphone. It is a VOIP phone, made specifically for the SIPPhone network. It complies with Open Standards, directly peers with several other VOIP providers, and will directly dial sip URIs. For example if you enter: you can reach the echo test at free world dialup.

It runs natively on Mac, Windows and Linux. For Linux, Debian packages are provided at the web site.

It features very high quality codecs.

  • NAT support: Works behind routers and NAT
  • Supports STUN where applicable
  • Support for Symmetric RTP
  • Support for SIP Outbound proxy
  • Supported codecs: GSM, iSAC, iLBC, g7.11U/A, EG7.11, iPCM
  • Complies with the SIP standard
  • Instant Messages using XMPP ("Jabber") is supported in the latest version, including s2s.


  • Does not support: IAX, MGCP, H.323
  • It is not possible to reconfigure this SIP softphone to register with arbitrary VOIP providers.

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