Global IP Solutions

Gobal IP Solutions makes video and audio media processing engines. These include Codecs used in VOIP products.
The company was formerly known as: Global IP Sound


"Companies using GIPS SoundWare products include Nortel Networks, Skype , IBM, Yahoo!, AOL, EarthLink and other key players in the VoIP market." Global IP Sound is a member of the Intel PCA Developer Network, the Motorola Design Alliance, Symbian Platinum Partners and Texas Instruments' third party developer network. Global IP Sound has headquarters in San Francisco and offices in Stockholm, Hong Kong and Boston. More information is available at

For non-commercial VoIP application using GIPS technology, be sure to visit the GIPS Developer Community at: The GIPS Developer Community was designed to enable developers to build creative and unique Voice over IP applications on top of the world's leading voice-processing platform.


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