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GlobiliTel Communications Limited, based in Hong Kong, is a producer and distributor of IP Telephony CPE including Network Phones, ATA's and USB Phones. In addition to the products we carry, our close proximity and relationships with the major factories in China allows us to source products to suit your requirements. OEM and ODM services are also available.

IP Phones:



The GlobiliTel Trillium GTP1000 is stylish and functional in design and features support for PPP/PPPoE; SIP/H.323/MGCP & IAX2; a large selection of audio codecs including G.711u/a-law, G.729, G.723.1, GSM610 and iLBC. The built-in web interface for easy administration and configuration.



The GlobiliTel Trillium GTP1200 builds upon the feature set of the GTP1000 with the addition of PoE (Power over Ethernet) and styling geared towards a SOHO/SME environment.

USB Phones:



The GlobiliTel Traveller GTU5 is easy to use and works with any standard PC equipped with a USB port. The GTU5 works with Skype, and many other softphones.



The GlobiliTel Traveller GTU10 is equiped with the same features as the GTU5, but includes and LCD display call messages, call status, etc.



The GlobiliTel Traveller GTU20 is a high quality USB Phone for Skype. The GTU20 features an LCD Display, 4 Polyphonic ringtones and includes a earphone for handsfree operation. The LCD display, which is tightly coupled with Skype, allows you to make and take calls without using mouse and keyboard.




The GlobiliTel Voyager GTA100 takes advantage of the installed base of telephones and fax devices in offices and homes helping to ease the transition to IP Telephony. The GTA100 supports PPP/PPPoE; SIP/H.323/MGCP and IAX2 protocols; a large selection of Codecs and a built-in web interface for easy administration and configuration.



The GlobiliTel Voyager GTA60 is a USB device which provides a traditional PSTN FXO and FXS interface to a Windows machine running the Skype VoIP client software. It allows users to use a regular analog telephone as the audio device on their Skype client, as well as rudimentary call routing between the Skype network and the PSTN.

802.11b/g IP Phone:



Available May 2006

The GlobiliTel freedom GTW500 cobines superb performance with cutting edge features, all within the sleek design of one of the slimmest, most advanced 802.11b/g IP phones. The GTW500 features a 2 inch Color LCD Display, Call notification via ringtone and/or vibration, built-in web interface for easy administration and configuration, 3.5 hours of talk time and 50 hours of standby time.

Services for Service Providers


We offer a number of services for service providers including:
  • Localized User Interfaces
  • Localized Users Guides
  • Customized Firmware
  • Customized Packaging

Distributors Wanted. Please contact us at the email address below for details.

Contact Information:

GlobiliTel Communications Limited
Tel: 852-3594-9798

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