This software is abandonware. Currently it is not useful for any production system or even for testing.
Do not waste your time. It won't even build correctly on a modern distro.
Last released in 2002.
Go find another software phone.

See: http://www.gnophone.com/
Note that GnoPhone uses IAX1 whereas the recent CVS version of Asterisk (2004) have changed to IAX2.

An IAX protocol softphone that runs on Linux.

From the website:

Gnophone is an open source internet telephone that allows you to make calls to other GnoPhone users or to an Asterisk PBX Gateway. It supports a fully featured web interface allowing you to participate in various discussion groups. It also supports the full rate GSM codec for great quality that doesn't require very high bandwidth.

  • GnoPhone has a web based directory server
  • Web based discussion groups
  • Provides simulated full-duplex on half-duplex sound cards
  • GnoPhone interfaces with the Asterisk Open Source PBX

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