Google Talk bounty - $1,000

BOUNTY (Closed by Dan 18.02.2008 // updated 7/23/07)

For all the google programmers out there I am putting up a $5000 bounty for anyone that can do the following:
  • An anonymous google talk user that has never added you can accept a call from you
  • Does not use GNUTLS
  • Does not keep a server side presence for every buddy
  • Additional $200 if you can get Speex codec working with asterisk and Google Talk

Should not use GNUTLS and preferably not use iksemel. Here is the call path:
Outgoing google talk call -> google talk user (not in buddy list) -> google talk user clicks connect -> Call is then routed SIP to another server
Thats it! Should not keep any state information about the users due to the size of the buddy list.

Contact for additional info
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