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Grasshopper is a virtual PBX phone system provider that offers toll free or local numbers, unlimited extensions, call forwarding, voicemails over email, and a host of other features. Read Grasshopper reviews below, or if you have experience with the Grasshopper product, please write your own Grasshopper review.

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For businesses looking for a reliable virtual phone system, Grasshopper is the company to choose. Grasshopper provides employees with many of the important phone system tools that are needed to run a business, without needing to install new phones or upgrade equipment. This particular phone service works alongside home and mobile phones, includes the option of unlimited extensions, and offers a large range of essential features.

Grasshopper Basics:

  • Virtual system
  • Cloud hosting
  • No phone service needed
  • Supports iOS and Android devices
  • Costs between $12 and $200 a month
  • Supports phone and email

System and Features

Grasshopper offers small businesses a system that does not require special wiring or additional equipment. The virtual service works with current home and mobile phones instead of connecting up with desktop phones.

The system includes an automated attendant that answers incoming phone calls from customers or clients and forwards it on to the department or employee it is intended for. Employees are able to designate which phone number they would like their phone calls forwarded to. They can choose either their home or mobile device or any other type of phone that they wish.

Employees are given complete control concerning the way they have their phone calls routed to them. They are able to choose up to 15 numbers that their incoming calls can be sent to, as well as the order in which the numbers should be rung. They can also designate the number of times for each number to ring before it goes to the next number and at what times and days they wish to have calls forwarded to them.

Employees will be given a few options when they receive a phone call with the system. They can answer the call themselves, send the call directly to their voicemail, or choose to listen to the name or phone number of the caller in order to decide whether they would like to speak to them at the moment.

Not only will the employees all have their own extensions, the employers will be able to create department extensions for customer service or sales. The employer can then group together workers into those proper departments, and those employees' numbers will ring if a customer or client tries to reach that particular department.

Grasshopper provides more options than just the automated attendant and call-forwarding features. The system allows users to use music on hold, comes with a name directory, conference calls, voicemail, online faxing, voicemail-to-email, fax-to-email, and the ability for employees to take multiple calls at once. Businesses will also be given the option of being able to pick a local phone number or keep the one they have been using. They can also pick a new toll-free number if they wish.

The mobile app is available for both Android and iOS devices. The app will allow employees to make and receive phone calls from their personal business line, check their call history and any incoming faxes, check voicemail messages, set up push notifications for both missed messages and phone calls, and change their call-forwarding options. The iOS version will also allow employees to sign PDF email attachments and faxes with their fingers.

Text messaging is an additional feature available with Grasshopper. All employees will have the ability to send and receive text messages to other employees, clients or customers from their personal business number.

Service Plans

Users can choose between four Grasshopper service plans that include unlimited extensions and most of the additional features. The plans differ in talking minutes, the number of local and toll-free phone numbers included, and price.

Pay As You Grow Plan

If a business wishes to pay on a per-minute basis, the Pay As You Grow plan is the best option to choose. This plan is just $12 per month, with a rate of six cents per minute. The minutes start to accrue when the call is first connected and stop when the call ends. If the phone call is being answered on a mobile device, the mobile minutes accrue at the same time, regardless of if the app is in use.

Ramp Plan

The Ramp plan provides the user with either a local or toll-free number and includes 500 minutes. It is $24 a month.

Grow Plan

The Grow plan provides users with two local or toll-free numbers and includes 2,000 minutes. It is $49 a month.

Max Plan

At $199 per month, the Max plan is the most expensive Grasshopper option. Users will receive three local or toll-free numbers and 10,000 minutes, as well as unlimited use of the voice studio. This feature provides personalized greetings from professional voice talents. This unique option normally costs $75 for each recording. Users will receive customized greetings recorded in different languages if they wish, along with on-hold commercials.

Additional Costs

Additional phone numbers run $5 per month and unlimited text messages run $10 per month. There is a $10 per month charge to access the Read Your Voicemail feature, useful for users who wish to have a transcript sent to them of their voicemail messages. A monthly charge of $10 will be added on if the user wants all of their call-forwarding numbers to ring at the same time instead of in sequential order. Users will be charged a one-time fee of $30 for 1-800 toll-free numbers and for vanity numbers. For numbers to be transferred directly back into the system there is also a one-time fee of $30.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee for all Grasshopper services. Users can cancel within the 30 days of activation to get a full refund if they are not satisfied with the service.


Grasshopper customer support has been found to be completely satisfactory. Helpful and friendly representatives are available to answer questions and concerns when called. Most phone calls are answered immediately, but there may be times potential customers will be put on a short hold.

The representatives had clear and thorough answers to all questions asked concerning the system, features, and costs. The support team for Grasshopper is available for help 24/7. There is also an online form that users may access to request help. Their website also provides a comprehensive support section, FAQs and user guides.

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