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When it comes to business VoIP systems, both MightyCall and Grasshopper are highly popular services with a solid reputation in the industry. This leads to many business users in search of a virtual phone system to hesitate between the two. In order to find out which one is best for your calling needs, you will need to compare their main features, specifications and associated costs. By doing so, you will have the information you need to make a more informed decision in your search for the right business VoIP services provider.

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To start, here is an overview of both virtual phone systems:


Grasshopper shares many similarities with MightyCall. It's one of the most reputable business phone services currently available and is as reliable as its main competitor, so businesses who deploy it won't have to worry about downtime or service interruptions. Grasshopper is a complete virtual phone system with users ranging from individual entrepreneurs who have just started their business, all the way to medium-sized businesses with hundreds of employees. It provides businesses everywhere with the tools they need to stay in touch with their customers and take advantage of global opportunities.

When signing up for the service, new users can choose from a toll-free number, vanity numbers and local ones. A toll-free number allows customers all over the US to reach a business without worrying about paying long distance charges. Vanity numbers are a useful branding tools, while having several local numbers sends the message that a business has a presence in the area where a customer is located, even if their head office is halfway across the country.

Grasshopper is a business VoIP service powered by a cloud-based PBX. Just like with its competitor MightyCall, businesses can get started instantly without having to purchase and configure complicated equipment. The communication service works with existing landline and mobile phones for maximum flexibility. It also comes with all of the advantages of using a VoIP service over a traditional business phone line provided by a local telecom provider. Grasshopper provides dozens of advanced calling features, top-notch reliability and quality customer support at prices much lower than those of traditional phone services.

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The Grasshopper service includes plenty of advanced call management features, as one would expect from a complete business phone service. You can record your own custom greetings and provide callers with a menu of options to choose from, ensuring that they'll be directed to the right department or person within your company. One particularly interesting functionality that comes standard with Grasshopper is the ability to screen and filter calls as you wish. You get not only regular caller ID, but the ability to forward important calls to your mobile phone while you're out of the office. You can set it to distinguish between calls from people in a contacts list, such as customers, business partners or vendors and unknown callers. As many small businesses receive calls from various salespeople on a regular basis, this feature is quite useful as it lets you focus on the callers that truly matter while the less important ones can be sent to your voice mail box.

Grasshopper lets businesses of all sizes get a professional image that would previously be reserved for bigger companies. With its convenient automated attendant and the ability to choose vanity or toll-free numbers, even a small startup can now get a phone service that is on par with what callers would expect when they reach a Fortune 500 company.

Setting up and using this business phone service is quite simple. Everything can be done from a web-based interface that you can access from your PC, as well as mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. The user interface is simple to navigate, so you'll have no trouble figuring out where all of the important functions are, whether you're setting up your service for the first time or making some changes after you've gotten started. Grasshopper also provides all users with many instructional materials that explain how every feature works, which is very helpful if you've never used a more advanced business VoIP service before and want to take full advantage of everything it has to offer.


MightyCall offers a complete virtual phone system solution that lets companies not only manage their calls, but also their customer interactions on social media and by email. By having a record of everything they've discussed with a customer in one place, businesses can provide superior customer support and ensure that they don't miss out on valuable sales opportunities. This functionality alone is what sets MightyCall apart from many of its competitors. The service has received highly positive reviews by users, in addition to winning the 2017 Supreme Software Award and the Expert Choice Award.

MightyCall is primarily aimed at small and medium-sized businesses looking for a reliable communications solution that integrates well with their website and third-party applications. The service simplifies staying in touch with customers at minimal cost. As MightyCall runs in the cloud, there is no need to install complicated hardware or software in order to use it.

The central function of MightyCall is an automated attendant that is available 24 hours a day and can be personalized with custom greetings that direct callers to the right departments or staff members. Businesses using the service can choose to get a toll-free number, vanity number or local numbers in a variety of countries. All calls received on these numbers are routed to the automated attendant. By giving businesses the ability to have several local numbers in various areas, MightyCall lets growing companies establish a "local point of contact" for customers all over the world.

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As MightyCall uses VoIP technology to power its service, it can offer its customers a wide range of call management features that they can access from a desktop PC, smartphone or tablet. Calls can be routed to any standard landline or mobile phone without the need for specialized equipment. Finally, it costs only a fraction of what traditional phone companies would charge for a business phone service with similar features.

How MightyCall and Grasshopper Measure Up Against One Another

Both MightyCall and Grasshopper have very similar features and attributes, but there are some small differences between the services that could lead you to prefer one over the other for your company.

Both services offer high-quality calls all over the nation, multiple call forwarding and screening features. With either service, you can choose between toll-free, vanity and local numbers. The main difference is that MightyCall seems to have a wider selection of international numbers to choose from, which can be important if you do business around the globe and want to encourage your overseas customers to call you.

When it comes to faxing, both providers offer comprehensive online fax services to their users. You can send faxes right from your PC and receive them in PDF format. This feature is very useful for businesses that frequently receive documents by fax.

As far as service quality and customer satisfaction, MightyCall and Grasshopper are pretty much in a tie. Both providers have received several awards for the quality and reliability of their VoIP services. The two have also achieved an average review score of around 97% from Finances Online, a reputable source of online business services reviews. Therefore, no matter which company you go with, you can expect high-quality and reliable business phone services.

In terms of features, the main difference is that MightyCall gives you more ways to interact with your customers. It lets you manage customer requests not just by phone, but also by email and through social media channels. However, it's worth noting that many third-party help desk and CMS tools commonly used by businesses offer this feature, which could make it redundant for some users. Another feature provided by MightyCall which Grasshopper lacks is the ability to insert "click to call" widgets on your website.

Both services offer a variety of plans, which start at $19.99 for MightyCall and $24.99 for Grasshopper. There are more expensive plans available, which offer a larger number of included phone numbers and some more advanced calling features. When it comes to price, it might seem like MightyCall has the advantage, as its most basic plan is less expensive. However, there is one big difference between the two services that you'll likely find very important. Grasshopper offers an unlimited amount of calling minutes on all of its plans. MightyCall's cheapest plan gives you just 1,000 minutes a month. If you need more, the next higher up plan gives you 5,000 minutes, but costs $49.99 per month. Therefore, if your business receives a large number of calls, Grasshopper might be a more interesting choice despite the fact that its monthly fee is a bit higher.

As you can see, both services have a lot to offer and truly provide a high-quality business VoIP experience to their users. As there isn't one service that is clearly superior to the other in all aspects, you should take the time to compare their functions and features, then think about which one offers those that you need the most from a business phone services provider.

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