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Harmonica™ Connect

If managing incoming telephone calls is a challenge for your small business because you have multiple telephone numbers and employees in many remote locations, the Harmonica™ Connect telephone system is the answer for you. Now, with just one number, your customers can reach every employee in your company regardless of where they are physically located.

Distributed Workforce Telephone Solution

If you are a small business with a distributed mobile workforce, a small office or a home office, or you simply need to supplement your ineffective telephone system to ensure that your customers are connected to the employee that can best answer their questions, Harmonica Connect can help you – with one number for your entire workforce. Harmonica Connect offers powerful features that simplify your business communications and further enhance your small business phone presence.

Increase Productivity

Harmonica Connect takes the load off your business using a Virtual Receptionist to aggregate your incoming calls automatically. A live receptionist or other employee is no longer needed simply to answer phones. Instead, your phone traffic is efficiently handled without diverting employees from accomplishing the tasks that will advance your business. With this kind of efficiency, it’s no surprise then that your small business productivity increases.
If you need calls to be routed to more than one employee, Harmonica Connect can distribute calls to a group, even to a group of spread-out and remote employees. With group distribution of your calls, your customers get their questions answered more quickly and by the right person.

Flexible and Efficient

The Harmonica Connect Find Me feature routes calls to your employees no matter where they are - on their office phone, cell phone, or home phone. Employees can stay productive and flexible because they know that all their calls will be answered by the Harmonica Connect system and routed to their Find Me locations. If they are unable to take the call, the system will take a voice message and send a notification, or the message itself, right to your employee’s email inbox.
Become More Competitive
These Harmonica Connect features help give your company a larger, more professional appearance, which helps you become more competitive with larger players in the market.

2006 Internet Telephone Product of the Year Award Winner

"The Product of the Year awards exemplifies the best that this industry has to offer. The companies earning this distinction have demonstrated a commitment to quality and the further development of the IP telephony

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