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MIOCO hello world! products comprise a range of software for PC-based telephony. Professional users make mobile calls with their notebook, from their home PC or from their workstation within the company to contacts anywhere in the world via the Internet or ISDN network. Sophisticated, cutting-edge telephony in the office or call center no longer has to mean a conventional PABX system, but a standard PC running hello world! server software. The old telephone system can be kept in place, or replaced at some stage in the future - by a pure software solution that is much less costly and more flexible than any hardware solution. hello world! provides support in the key work situations of employees and customers - in the office, on notebooks equipped with wireless LAN Internet access, or for voice connections between website visitors and call centers.

  • VOIP PBX (Linux and Windows)
  • VOIP Softphones
  • CallCenter Solutions
  • etc.

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