Hitachi Cable WirelessIP3000 Phones

The Hitachi Cable WirelessIP3000 SIP Phone


The stylish new Hitachi Cable WirelessIP3000 is a SIP based 802.11b Wi-Fi IP phone. Aimed at the consumer or SMB business user, the Hitachi Cable WirelessIP3000 boasts many of the features of the market leading Hitachi Cable WirelessIP5000 but at a lower price.

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Where to Buy

.e4 Technologies - Global VoIP Distributors. Hitachi-Cable 3000 WiFi Phone VARS & Resellers Only +1 972 831-1600
My Phone Call UK Shop
VoIPon Solutions - Worldwide
VoIPsolutions At 231.64EUR = 152.28 GBP; Shipping All of Europ (Belgian Company) Reseller prices available European Distributor for Hitachi phones
VoIP Supply

DO NOT LIST YOUR WEBSITE IF YOU DO NOT SELL THE HITACHI IP 3000, All list must be in alphabetic order.

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