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Hitachi Cable WirelessIP5000 Phones

The Hitachi Cable WirelessIP5000 SIP Phone


The Hitachi Cable WirelessIP5000

The Integration of IP and telephone networks start with a low-cost, easy to use wireless IP phone. The Hitachi Cable WirelessIP5000 is an all-round 802.11b/g wireless IP phone supporting the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), which is essential for efficient wireless voice communications.

With support for the latest IP-PBX systems and existing PBX systems, including IP-Centrex offered by telecommunications service providers, you can painlessly and flexibly introduce the Hitachi Cable WirelessIP5000 making use of your existing office communications environment. Reduce communications costs, while at the same time greatly reducing the administrative cost and burden of your telephony equipment. Make your communications efficiency soar, both inside the company and out.

Wireless Security Protocols Supported

The Hitachi Cable WirelessIP5000 phone is designed to support the security requirements of wireless networks through both authentication and encryption. Offering one of the highest levels of commercially available wireless security, the Hitachi Cable WirelessIP5000 supports the following protocols:
  • WEP (64/128bits)
  • WPA2-PSK (supports AES encryption)
  • UAM (Web Authentication)
  • IEEE 802.11l (PMK cache)

Network Modifications that Improve Battery Life

Current Firmware Version


What hardware variants of the phone are known to exist?

There are two different phone models: the Hitachi Cable WirelessIP5000 (gray phone body) and the Hitachi Cable WirelessIP3000 (white phone body). The Hitachi Cable WirelessIP5000 is designed for business environments, supports 802.11 b or g, and can optionally charge the phone battery through a PC USB connection. The key differences between the Hitachi Cable WirelessIP5000 and the WirelessIP3000 are listed below.

  • Hitachi Cable WirelessIP3000 Differences:
    • WirelessIP3000 is 802.11b only
    • WirelessIP3000 Phone battery cannot be charged via PC/USB cable
    • WirelessIP3000 has no ear jack

Where do I download manuals and firmware updates for the Hitachi Cable WirelessIP5000?

Can the Hitachi Cable WirelessIP Phones be used at Hotspots?

The Hitachi Cable WirelessIP phones can be used at free hotspots that do not require a user login. Free WiFi hotspots are becoming more common as as cities deploy WiFi networks, and as more coffee shops and eateries provide free WiFi access to entice customers to stop by their store and perhaps stay a little longer.

Wireless Equipment Interoperability

Hitachi Cable WirelessIP5000 phones are compatible with all standard 802.11b/g Access Points and Wireless Switches, including:
Meru, Aruba, AireSpace, Colubris, Symbol, 3COM, Trapeze, Linksys, and Netgear

SIP PBX Interoperability

Hitachi Cable WirelessIP5000 phones are interoperable with leading SIP PBXs including:
3Com, NEC, Nortel, Avaya, Fujitsu, and Toshiba

SIP Server Interoperability

Hitachi Cable WirelessIP5000 phones are interoperable with leading SIP Servers including:
Broadsoft, Persona, Tekelec, Sylantro, Hitachi, Ubiquity, Simplified SIP, and Avaya SES

Network Computing February 2007 Analysis: Voice Over Wireless LAN

Article and analysis by Network Computing evaluating three enterprise-class Vo-Fi handsets, including the Hitachi Cable WirelessIP5000.
Voice over Wireless LAN, Past the Hurdles?

Where and how do I use the webserver?
Visit the phone's IP (make sure the Web server is enabled) port 8080. From at least version 2.0.1 of the firmware software, the default user password is "0000" whilst the default admin password is "000000". For older firmware, see the archived information at the bottom of the page. You can get to the basic information Web page without the username and password.

85563 Fri 31 of Mar, 2006 (15:15 UTC)

Where to Buy

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