Hosted ACD Software by UCN


Hosted ACD by UCN

Find out how the Hosted ACD Software features of inContact® can enhance your customers experience.

Hosted ACD Software, also known as an automatic call distributor, is one of the key features of inContact, UCN’s advanced contact-handling and management suite of services. When you choose inContact you have no large upfront costs, no on-site hardware to deal with, and no installation or integration hassles. InContact is sold as an on-demand service, billed by the month, and can be adjusted up or down, every week to meet your businesses changing requirements. Deploying the UCN skills-based ACD Software is a low risk-high reward decision for any company that wants to improve customer satisfaction while lowering operations costs.

How it Works

InContact supplements your existing PBX with advanced contact handling and management tools. With our hosted acd software you now can support a single location, multiple locations or at-home workers. All workers, no matter where they are located, can be viewed as one common operation through the inTouch real-time and historical reporting and monitoring tool.

Combining Hosted ACD Software with inContact gives you the ability to assign skills to an individual or a group of individuals, and support skills-based routing for fax, voice, email or web chat, regardless of where the worker is located. PLUS, you can quickly link your existing database into the inContact system, to support screen pops, thus reducing your overall talk time and enhancing the customer’s contact experience by reducing the number of times a person must be transferred before they reach a representative that can answer their questions. Find out how UCN's Automatic Call Distributors can improve your bottom line!

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