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We are happy to share a great news with you. HostedSwitch launched Feed, a new service for VoIP routes and A-Z lists exchange.
The service's mission is to provide a single place for exchanging information on available routes (destinations, prices, quality).

Since pioneering in hosted softswitching HostedSwitch has become a vertical portal for VoIP wholesalers. Several hundreds of VoIP wholesalers visit HostedSwitch every week and more than 20 000 carriers are regular subscribers. Every destination you provide or look for will be exposed to your would-be VoIP partners. You can even request a particular carrier to test the routes you look for (all in one place).

Want to keep in touch with current carriers? It's dead easy to invite them to join you at HostedSwitch.

Follow this link to get your free account and start exchanging:

!!iTel Hosted Softswitch

REVE Systems provides iTel Switch on a hosted basis with a monthly rent option. Hosted VoIP softswitch offerings are ideal for small and medium size IP telephony service providers for retail and are equally beneficial for carrier grade service providers for wholesale who don't want to take the hassle of maintaining and monitoring the softswitch server.

Benefits of iTel Hosted Softswitch

- Monthly Rent Options
- Quick Start your VoIP business
- 24x7 Managed Services
- Complete Suite of VoIP Services in One IP Telephony Platform

Key Features of iTel Hosted Softswitch

- Quickest Call Connectivity
- Wholesale, Retail, Callshop & Calling Card solution in Single Platform
- Dashboard to give an Overview Of Your Business Status
- Highly customizable Multi-language Web Portals and IVR
- Advanced Reporting and Real-time Analysis
- Supports Multiple online Payment Gateways
- Behavioural Based Alarm system through Email & SMS
- Supports GSM Gateway or SIP BOX to terminate calls with Private gateway
- Multilayer Security by integrating OTP device for admin and reseller access

Ready to get started?

!!Get Free Demo of iTel Hosted Softswitch


ITSPtec Offers Complete Turnkey Hosted SoftSwitch services with Support and Training.


Price : Cheapest Prices AnyWhere, Guaranteed!!!

With the Hosted SoftSwitch,

- You can create unlimited Hosted PBX’s and manage their activities
- You will contact and connect many termination vendors. In that way you can buy VoIP credit from many VoIP Providers that you want.
- You do not depend only for 1 VoIP Provider.
- You can use your own carrier.
- Change your VoIP Providers without reinstall your customers.
- You have 2 types of routing plan : LCR(Least Cost Routing) and Best Quality Routing - You can provide many types of services : Premium, Wholesales, etc
- You can create unlimited tariffs and plans
- You can see all active calls in your Hosted VoIP Switch web interface
- If 1 VoIP Provider is not good in some destinations, you can route your call through other VoIP Providers.
- If 1 VoIP Provider has higher prices in some destinations, you can route your call through other VoIP
- IVR for calling cards, callback, ANI service and conference module.

Services You can Provide

- Multi-Tenant PBX
- Wholesale/Termination
- Calling Cards
- Residential VOIP System
- IVR System


Billing and Payment systems that make it easier for service providers to offer, activate, support and manage VoIP services. The Billing System provides an operator with a multitude of rating and charging options for VoIP services - whether prepaid and/or postpaid in real time and in any combination.

The VoIP Billing system is a multi-vendor carrier class charging system. It is integrated with VoIP solutions and provides all the best of breed revenue assurance functions and pre-packaged reports needed for day-to-day operation, marketing and financial decision support.

The Billing System offers the following features:
- Real-time billing
- Flexible rating
- Multiple business models
- Prepaid and postpaid service
- Products and account management
- Web-based customer care and self-provisioning
- Virtual private networks for corporate accounts
- Reports and invoices
- Least Cost Routing
- Web Interface
- Credit Card payment processing
- Taxes etc

Management Interface

This includes the billing system interface, system configuration interface, Admin, Hosted SoftSwitch, Customer and end User/Phone system interface. The administration interface includes all administration and configuration to the system where the system administrator could do everything from checking the system status, system configuration, customer provisioning, Routing, emails, Voicemails, Ring-groups, Conferences, Fax, Music On Hold, Recordings etc. The customer interface provides all the customer services such as call records, bill payments, invoices etc.

Hosted SoftSwitch Setup.

To Setup a Hosted SoftSwitch account for the various systems, follow the following links and click on create account if you haven’t done so.

Hosted Switch (PBX) : PBX Switch
Hosted Switch (Carrier/Wholesale) : Carrier/Wholesale Switch
Hosted Switch (Residential) : Residential Switch
Hosted Switch (Callingcard) : Callingcard Switch
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