How To Make Free Calls With Obihai and Google Voice

Obihai is a California-based voice over internet company that designs and produces Analog Telephone Adapters (ATA). Analog telephone adapters convert regular landline phones into VoIP phones. People and businesses can make cheap phone calls when the devices connect to a VoIP provider.

To take it a step further, when Google Voice connects to Obihai, there is no cost to make or receive calls from within the U.S. and Canada. Many people making the switch from using traditional phone lines to making calls over the internet. Obihai and Google Voice makes this a possibility.

Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out how you can eliminate your phone bill.

How Do Obihai ATAs Work?

Obihai is the manufacturer of Analog Telephone Adapters (ATA). ATAs are devices that take your analog telephone, converts your voice into digital form and transmits it over your internet connection. This technology is called Voice over IP, or VoIP. Since the call is transmitted over the internet, the call is much cheaper than using a traditional phone service. Figure 1 is an example of the typical Obihai setup.

The figure 2 below shows how the Obihai device is set up in your home. The device is small, less than 3 inches long on each side. The box has 4 connections: phone, USB, internet, and power.

Google Voice

Why is Google Voice required? Obihai ATA is only the software and hardware to make calls using your current telephone. The ATA does not route phone calls to the cell phones, other VoIP phones, or PSTN. A VoIP service provider is necessary to route the phone calls.

The Obihai ATA is compatible with the majority of VoIP providers. However, Google Voice is a free service for calls inside Canada and the U.S. The service provides International calls at a lower price. Google Voice was created as a softphone that lets Google users make free telephone calls from their computer. Obihai realized that they could create something that could utilize this technology and found a way to let users make phone calls using their own analog telephones.

Free Phone Calls Using Google Voice and Obihai - Is There a Catch?

No, there isn't a catch. However, you need to purchase Obihai's ATA device. The device costs around $40 for the basic model. The only cost associated with the ATA device is the initial purchase price. Google Voice is free to use for calls made in Canada and the U.S.

Before you decide to use Obihai, there are a few things you should know:

1. Google does not offer any type of official tech support for this product. Also, Google can eliminate this service without notice. At one point, Google almost terminated the service before deciding to keep it as a part of their Google Hangout service.

2. Other VoIP providers have more features than Google Voice.

3. If you need any type of support, Google does not offer any form of assistance. Hopefully, you can get some type of assistance from this guide.

4. Choose your number wisely. If you are looking for a new telephone and want the number to have a particular area code, you have a problem. There is not a large selection of phone numbers. If you want to port an existing number into Google Voice, you can only port mobile phone numbers. Please be aware of the fact that porting a phone number comes with a $20 fee. Currently, Google Voice does not support the porting of landlines. Porting your Google Voice number out of Google will cost you $3. The costs reported are the costs associated with these services at the time of this writing.

5. E911 is not supported by Google Voice. However, Obihai has found a way around this issue. If you use Anveo, you can have access to E911 services. The Anveo service costs $15 a year.

How to Set Up Google Voice and Obihai

Setting up your OBI device and Google Voice is fairly easy to do, but you do need to make sure you follow a few steps. The first step involves the hardware set up. The only connections that require setup are the power to the OBI device, connection to the analog phone, and an ethernet cable that goes to the router. You do not need a connection for the USB, although this could be useful if you wish to have wifi. A separate OBIWiFi adapter is necessary to have wifi capabilities. You configuration may look similar to the configuration seen in Figure 6.

Creating Your Google Voice Account

Don't forget to sign-up for a Google Voice account. You need to get a Google account before you sign up for a Google Voice account and phone number. To sign up for a Google Voice account go to Follow the sign-up process to get your new phone number. You will have to undergo a few, required, verification steps before you can get a number.

How to Create An OBiTalk Account

Now that you have configured Google Voice, you need to sign up for OBiTalk account. Create a new account and sign in with using your Google credentials. Use Google to sign in to your OBiTalk account. Signing in using Google account is easy, especially if you are already logged into Google.

Add A Device to OBiTalk

Once you have created an OBiTalk account and have signed into OBiTalk, you should add a device. A prompt asking you to add your device will appear when you first sign in. Don't forget to select the option to configure Google Voice and then select next. Figure 4 will show you how to add your device.

The setup provides instructions, as shown in Figure 5. You will need to complete this step to connect Obi device to the ObiTalk server. The number shown in Figure varies, so it's important to follow the directions provided for your setup.

You may go through all of the steps to find out that the OBI device does not connect successfully. If you called the number and heard the automatic response, but received an error, the problem may be the ports. I ran into a similar problem. The ports are not configured properly in the router. Some ports may need to get forwarded from the router to the device to create a connection between the Obihai servers and the device. Once the ports were forwarded to the router, I was able to successfully connect to the OBI device.

Google Voice Configuration

To configure Google Voice, you might have to sign in with your email address and password, from ObiTalk. When you select the last "Accept" button, you will have finalize dyour Google Voice setup. The process can take around 2 minutes. The configuration process will resemble the graphic in Figure 6. When the process is complete, the status will change to "Connected".

When the OBi device connects to the Obihai servers, the dashboard will resemble Figure 7.

You Can Now Use Obihai and Google Voice to Make Free Phone Calls

Now that you have configured and set up Obihai and Google Voice, you are ready to send and receive phone calls. What makes using this device with Google Voice even better, you get to make phone calls free of charge. If you are interested in no longer using traditional phone lines, you may want to consider Obihai.

Google Voice works with all Obihai devices. Obihai devices are available to purchase from a variety of websites. If you are interested in purchasing an OBi adapter, you may want to consider searching Amazon's website. Amazon is known to have great deals on these devices.

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