How to buy Wholesale DIDs and Toll Free Numbers

Obtaining telephone numbers from resellers is abundant online, but rarely will you buy wholesale at rates below $0.10 USD if you do not negotiate with CLECs directly.

Wholesale services from code/number owners, such as CLECs, can provide DIDs over SIP. RespOrgs are the providers of Toll Free Numbers, but are not the Carrier for the call traffic. You will need a CIC or IXC service provider as well.

West Telecom Services, formerly known as Hypercube, is a CLEC and a RespOrg with CIC services.

Service providers that partner with West for their wholesale DIDs and Toll Free Numbers gain access to the number of traffic management and reporting tools to make the routing of their voice traffic easy to manage. Tools such as West's Telephone Number Manager give the customer or their End-Customers direct control over how their calls are handled and routed across the network.

The Telephone Number Manager is an easy-to-use web-based interface with many options for customizing the routing of your inbound toll free call traffic. For more information about wholesale services available from West Telecom Services email

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