How to buy Wholesale DIDs and Toll Free Numbers

Access numbers for teleconferencing services
Call center inbound local numbers
Calling card service providers
Application Telephony for Local access services

Wholesale Origination services from code/number owners such as CLECs can provide DIDs over SIP.
RespOrgs are the providers of Toll Free Numbers, but are not the Carrier for the call traffic, you will need a CIC or IXC service provider as well.

Obtaining Numbers from a reseller is abundant online, but rarely will you buy wholesale at rates below $.10 US if you do not negotiate with CLECs directly.

West Telecom Services formerly known as HyperCube is a CLEC and a RespOrg with CIC services.

The West Telephone Number Manager (TNM) is a system for controlling how and when calls flow to your SIP-based telephony equipment. This equipment can belong to either the service Customer, or the equipment of your End-Customers. The Telephone Number Manager is accessed via a web browser, using the HyperText Transport Protocol (HTTP).

The Telephone Number Manager system is used with either the Toll Free Termination (TFT) or the Direct Inward Dial (DID) services and provides the customer or their End-Customers with direct control over how their calls are handled and routed.

These services direct calls from all sources to a switching facility. Based on the input conditions for each call that have been established, the call will be directed to the destination(s) that were previously specified for that situation. Criteria about each incoming call that can be tested includes:

Calling Party Number (CGPN) / Automatic Number Identification (ANI)
Calling Network Local Access and Transport Area (LATA)*
Calling Party State or Province (STATE)*
Calling Network Operating Company Number (OCN)*
Calling Number Originating Line Information (OLI) (sometimes called Originating Line Indicator)
Current Time of day (TOD)
Current Day of week (DOW)
Current Day of year (DOY) (Holiday checks)
  • This capability is only available for calls originating from Country Code 1 locations.

To determine the State, LATA and OCN of the caller, the Jurisdiction Information Parameter (JIP) is examined to locate the geographic location of the Calling Party Number, based on the Local Exchange Routing Guide (LERG) database. If JIP is not available, the Local Routing Number (RN/LRN) of the Calling Party Number is used (if available) to examine the same LERG data. These automatic checks allow the general location of roaming or ported callers to be more accurately determined than what can be achieved by using the Calling Party Number (CGPN, also known Automatic Number Identification, or ANI) number by itself.

The decision-making process for how calls should be handled employs the use of one or more "rule-sets", which can be constructed in the Telephone Number Manager. These rule-sets can be different for each Called Number and can be adjusted at any time. Changes can also be entered in advance and be scheduled so that they go into effect automatically, precisely at the stated date and time.

The rule-sets that you can define in the Telephone Number Manager can vary from just passing all calls for a toll free number straight through to a destination without any conditions or alterations, to having multiple rule-sets checking for very specific conditions about the incoming call that determine which destination to send this call to. For each condition, you also can specify the same of different Final Called Numbers (also known as Dialed Number Identification Service - DNIS) to use on the call.

For more information about West Telecom Services please email,
this system replaces the SMS800 by using API's to communicate settings. The SMS800 is still in the process as the CPR administrators but the TNM is an enhanced feature platform to extend more routing capability to TFN and DID Operator/managers.

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