Howler - Number of G.729 channels in Asterisk

Option 1

We provide "howlets licenses" command in our howlet software which shows the number of G.729 calls (make sure you are in licensed mode and not in any trial mode). Since each call has 2 legs and hence consumes 2 channels, so number of channels would be 2X number of calls.

Option 2

Asterisk provides a "core show channels" command that lists all current channels. Note down the number of channels. Then for each channel you can issue an Asterisk command "core show channel <channel>" and see if this is a g729 channel. This way you can count the total number of channels. Alternatively a script will automate this and provide a simple way to obtain the number of G.729 channels.

Option 3

Asterisk provides a "modules show" command and it will list all modules and their use-count. Use-count will be treated as channels. Use the command "modules show like" and see the use-count/number of channels of our Howlet codec for G.729 channels.

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