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Humbug Telecom Labs Ltd provides carrier-class Analytics, Fraud Detection, and Fraud Prevention for your PBX, soft switch and telecommunications network. Utilizing a set of none-intrusive analytical technologies, Humbug is capable of interfacing directly with your PBX system, analyzing its traffic, plotting it and providing you a clear and concise view of your PBX traffic and usage.


Humbug Analytics is provided free of charge.


  • Call statistics (i.e total calls, duration, uniques,etc)
  • Fraud detection & alerting
  • Traffic maps
  • Caller Stats
  • DID usage
  • Traffic graphs
  • Country specific stats & graphs
  • Phone number specific stats & graphs
  • Custom alert parameters
  • Tons more...

Humbug Pro is a for fee enhanced service


  • All functions of Humbug Analytics
  • Fraud Detection notifications
  • Fraud Prevention by call blocking based on the following user configurable opt-in parameters:
    • Community Black List: Over 70,000 certified fraudulent numbers (Blacklist).
    • Private Black List: Each business knows what kind of numbers to block be they:
      • Premium numbers (in the USA these would include 1-900 numbers) (Blacklist/White List).
      • Country(ies) being dialed (Blacklist/White List).
      • Specific numbers or ranges (Blacklist/White List).
    • By Business hours allows the company to configure their normal working hours and Humbug Pro Protect will block calls outside of those hours preventing large bills on nights or weekends when the company is closed.
    • Holidays allows the company to configure which holidays (single day or range of days) they are closed (by calendar date).
  • Custom reports


The Humbug Labs forums are available at:

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