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Hypermedia Systems

Hypermedia Systems develops and manufactures scalable, professional GSM Gateways and VoIP GSM Gateways for low to high volumes of traffic, starting from 8 ports, with up to 72 cellular channels/ 288 SIMs. Available interfaces: VoIP, E1/T1-PRI and Analog interfaces, as well as GSM, 3G UMTS, CDMA.

These carrier grade Voice Gateways provide opportunities for Alternative carriers, Call termination vendors, and Service providers, as well as for SMB and corporate enterprises.

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We encourage you to visit and get to know it. Find many interesting new areas, like a new downloads page where you can find White Papers, Data Sheets, and Application Notes and more. See our latest addition: Clips & Presentaions.

We are proud to announce The Pinnacle of Quality: 2013 BID Award went to our distributor; HyperAccess Systems from Ivory Coast, who won the BID International Star for Leadership in Quality Award in Paris

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NEW: Economical 320 SIMs Gateways 320 SIM-based box for SMS/ VoIP Best performance ever!

Complete GSM/SMS device with three times more SIM storagecapacity and SIM Management features in one box.
Easy to deploy and quick to implement, this is the perfect all-in-one product solution which allows you to solve all your telephony needs with NO NEED for an additional SIM server!

• Enables to maximize SIM price plans usage and special dynamic tariffs.
• 10 SIM cards per port with individual settings that can be configured for EVERY SINGLE SIM card!

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Professional SIM-based hosting server - NEW

Open your SMS service boundaries, with Global Long code 2 Way SMS!

HG-7000 SIM hosting server is an integrated platform designed for 2-way long code SMS messaging.

Unlike short codes (such as 7777, *2323) that can only handle local inbound SMS, long codes (ex. +33.678235.12345) allow inbound SMS messages from all over the world!

Integrating the HG-7000 server is the FASTEST WAY to start or expand worldwide Virtual Mobile Number (VMN) services of sending and receiving SMS messages between your users/customers databases and your email, website or database. Get more information

GSM Gateways and VoIP Gateways for Call Termination

Compact bi-directional gateways for providing cost-effective termination services to or from GSM, UMTS/3G, CDMA, VoIP, E1/T1-PRI or Analog.

  • Fast Start Series for Call Termination - Plug 'n Sell VoIP GSM Gateway. An ALL-IN-ONE solution for the termination business with a minimum investment.
  • Professional VoIP GSM Gateway. HG-4000 Series. From 12 to 72 cellular ports.
  • Call Termination Systems for VoIP/3G, GSM & CDMA.
  • Combination UMTS / GSM Gateway - HG-5000 Series. The right opportunity for anyone who plans to provide termination services by using both GSM and UMTS cellular networks. You can have several combinations of technologies in the same unit, and receive the traffic by using Embedded VoIP Gateway or by E1/T1-PRI interfaces.


GSM Gateways for Cutting Telecom costs

Hypermedia provides a wide range of Call Cost-Saving solutions ideal for cutting costs on daily communication expenses and overall corporate telephony expenditure, while leveraging existing SMB & Corporate business telephony infrastructure.

You can save on:
  • Office-to-Cellular and Cellular-to-Office call costs,
  • on GSM Roaming charges with Callback solutions,
  • and on national and local calls - see how NOW!

Save up to 70% on your company's phone bill with Hypermedia's Gateways - Watch latest video: Cost Savings Interview

SMS Marketing & Advertising Applications - NEW

Hypermedia SMS Gateways - Featuring advanced management capabilities, intuitive user interface and smart scheduling capabilities, Hypermedia's scalable SMS Gateway Device & SMS Applications support from 4 to 32 SMS-GSM ports on a single application, turning the art of creating and sending advanced Marketing Campaigns into a simple and easy task!

The Hypermedia world-class SMS Pro Gateway HG-7000 infrastructure enables customers to utilize a wide range of Hypermedia’s applications (i.e., SMS Corporate, SMS Campaigner, etc.), or alternatively, to develop or use other 3rd party SMS applications and services.

Stay updated on SMS Hardware: Read about the advantages of Autonomous SMS Gateway hardware device and the latest article Have Your Own Internal Control System Using SMS Hardware Solutions

PBX Add-ON Solutions

Hypermedia Gateways provide Businesses with a tool to easily integrate new IP technology with the legacy telephony environment (without having the organization lose any of its initial telephony investment). The GSM Gateways and VoIP GSM Gateways provide SMB and corporate enterprises with enhanced PBX Add-On features such as: VoIP Enablers(VoIP Gateways), Cellular Gateways, Mobex, LCR, Roaming Control, Call-Back & Call-Through packages and much more.

  • Fast and Easy connection PBX Add-On - ISDN GSM Gateway. A cost-effective alternative for fixed-to-mobile or mobile-to-fixed telephone calls.
  • Mobile Extension (Mobex) - Mobility Extension Gateway. All-in-one PBX Add-On for connecting mobile phones and other external telephony devices to the PBX as "virtual" PBX extensions through One-Number (Simul-ring feature).
  • Add-On GSM Gateway for connecting Cisco/Asterisk to cellular - E1/T1 PRI GSM Gateway for direct connection to GSM, 3G UMTS and CDMA. Fully compatible to PRI-ISDN Q931 E1 / T1 line of products
  • Hypersavings Package - Corporate Call-Back, Call-Order & Call-Through. Savings on local, international calls, and interconnect call charges.
  • Teleconferencing Equipment - http://hyperms.com/call-centers-solution/. User-friendly interface for customizing, scheduling, managing and conducting conferences calls, multiple conference rooms, and conference participants can use either standard, VoIP or GSM lines.
  • Phone Manager Gateway - web-based visual Phone Dialer & SMS messenger that enables the PBX user to dial, send SMS messages, monitor and log all incoming and outgoing call activity at the personal PBX extension, even while user is away from the desk.

Additional Products:

PRI 3G UMTS Gateway - HG-5000 Series
VoIP 3G UMTS Gateway - Hg-5000V Series
VoIP GSM Gateway - HG-4000 Series
PRI GSM Gateway - HG-3000 Series
ISDN GSM Gateway - HG-1600 Series
VoIP GSM Gateway - HG-1600V Series
GSM Gateway

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Contact: Contact Hypermedia
E-mail: sales@hyperms.com
Website: www.hyperms.com
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