Hypercube TDM interconnection


Our Terminating Access Tandem solution eliminates your need to maintain costly circuits and outdated technology in your network. With our solution your access traffic does not have to be routed through the ILEC tandem. Routing your codes behind West’s telecom services tandems allows you to set up an interconnection architecture that meets your needs–not the ILECs.

Terminating Access Tandem allows network operators to select West Telecom Services as their access tandem in the LERG. When West is listed in the LERG as the access tandem, IXCs will route traffic through West–allowing partners to minimize transport costs.
Our solution gives partners the freedom of choice–choose the interconnection method and network topology that suits you. We offer SIP or TDM handoffs at geographically diverse sites.
Let us be your total tandem solution provider.

West Telecom Services contact: dguglietta@west.com
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