IAX2 Analysis using Unsniff Network Analyzer

Unsniff Network Analyzer adds powerful IAX2 analysis capabilities. The major highlights of this release are powerful visualization capabilities, instant field level help, excellent printing support, filtering, and extensibilty. Unsniff tracks each IAX2 call in real time and allows you to save or playback each call via a single click.


Unleash Networks has also released an IAX2 Call Analyzer tool. This tool will present you with a list of calls from a captured session, you can then select a call to perform analysis on the call. Currently this tool will analyze and draw charts for Call Bandwidth, Interarrival Delay, Loss, Jitter, IAX2 Events.

Unsniff also has equally powerful features for other VoIP protocols such as SIP/RTP and other non-VoIP protocols. Unsniff is currently in Beta-2 stage. Sign up - for powerful IAX2 analysis like you have never seen before.
Created by: UnsniffVoip, Last modification: Mon 20 of Feb, 2006 (11:33 UTC)
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