Iaxtel.com allowed Asterisk users and IAX clients to connect with each other over the Inter-Asterisk eXchange protocol. Once registered with IAXtel, each user got a unique 1.700 telephone number that would ring their IAX compatible client from any where on the Asterisk network.

IAXtel was a service offered by Digium, the sponsors and primary developers of the Asterisk Private Branch Exchange server and the IAX protocol, as well as the GTK based Gnophone IAX telephone. The IAXtel network was primarily used by Asterisk developers and hobbyists to test and use their systems and study VoIP. Services existed to clear 1.800 calls as well.

Dialing into or from the PSTN

  • There was PSTN dial-in access in the USA to IAXTel numbers via Telesthetic.
  • Registered iaxtel users could call toll free numbers in the netherlands by dialing 31800... Also, you could connect to the iaxtel network from the Netherlands by dialing +31 20 3987567. Much thanks to XS4ALL.
  • As explained at the IAXtel Setup page, one could dial 1(888), 1(877), 1(866), and 1(800) numbers with your IAXtel account.

Dialing Free World Dialup

  • IAXtel users could dial Free World Dialup users via 1-(700)-9XX-XXXX or 1-(700)-99X-XXXX depending on the length of the FWD number.

Formerly handy numbers

  • Echo test: 17009999613

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