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Why are there two pages on here for IAXTel?

Note: This service has been unstable lately. As a noob, do not use it for testing. You may want to try connecting to Free World Dialup via IAX2 instead, as it's much more reliable.

Iaxtel.com allows Asterisk users and IAX clients to connect with each other over the Inter-Asterisk eXchange protocol. Once registered with IAXtel, each user get a unique 1.700 telephone number that will ring their IAX compatible client from any where on the Asterisk network.

IAXtel is a service offered by Digium, the sponsors and primary developers of the Asterisk Private Branch Exchange server and the IAX protocol, as well as the GTK based Gnophone GTK based IAX telephone. The IAXtel network is primarily used by Asterisk developers and hobbyists to test and use their systems and study VoIP. Services exist to clear 1.800 calls as well.

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