Asterisk ICD

Asterisk ICD (Intelligent Call Distribution) is an advanced mechanism for handling queues, conferences and agents and provides a unified API for interfacing to external dialer systems.

The goal of this application is to provide a flexible, thread-safe infrastructure to the Asterisk PBX for distributing calls. that is robust and customizable for larger scale deployments.
ICD maintains a Finite State Machine for each call. Each state is managed by a pointer to a function so each state can execute a custom function, this architecture is really designed for call center developers that want to build customized call routing strategies that fit into a standard frame work.

There are two major components to this system, the application itself and the infrastructure pieces that support the functionality of the application.

ICD handles queueing differently than the normal asterisk queuing system. Queues are defined in configuration files, the dialplan defines customers and agents access to the queues and in which way they are being bridged to the queue.
Agents can for example be dynamically connected to queues on login so you could for example have a queue without members, a defined agent without a queue and connect him to a queue on login.
Customers can also maintain their place in line and request a callbacks with out waiting inline.

ICD is now integrated into CallWeaver http://Callweaver.org as the standard agent and queue system as of Jan 1, 2008

Installation instructions can be found in the file "README"
Architecture info is found in "modules.txt".

This is a work in progress

if you have questions dev's guys are

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