Release Note

Released new version of ICTCore V 0.7.5 on March 12, 2017 with following improments

  • Twig based template added for gateway configurations and Application data
  • Data and Token libraries updated
  • Sip, SMTP and SMPP added as provider sub-type
  • Multi tasking support improved for Task and Schedule
  • Namespaces and PSR-4 based auto-loading support added
  • PhpUnit support added for unit testing

Released ICTFax Version 3.7.4
Reported issues fixed, successfully tested both inbound and outbound faxing December 2016
Released new version of ICTFAX Ver 3.2 on April 15, 2015 based on ICTCore, a new communicatiosn framework, fixing reported issues

Released new version of ICTFAX Ver 3.0 on Nov 28, 2014 , completly rebased on ICTCore after dropping plivo , Old version of ICTFAX was based on Plivo and has several issue during installation
Released new version of ICTFax ICTFAX Version 2.2.0 on Feb 13, 2014 , Fax over IP software implementation based on T.38 protocol also support G.711 pass through faxing and PSTN faxing



ICT FAX is an open source business solution especially for faxing along with support of SMS and Voip with advance web based billing capabilities featuring TIME, Per PAGE and Per SMS based Billing , It supports G.711 , T.38 and PSTN faxing .ICTFAX is complete faxing solution and does not need to be integrated with other open source projects to function properly that makes ICTFAX a unique and innovative faxing solution.

ICTFAX, a Faxing solution

ICTFAX can be used in following faxing scenarios

ICTFAX, a SMS solution

ICTFAX can be used in following SMS sending scenarios

  • Email to SMS
  • Web to SMS




Download open source Online FAX solution


for further help please visit ICTFAX Forum

ICTFAX is developed by ICT Innovations
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