ICTInvoice an open source Elastix module for invoice managment


ICTInovice is an Elastix module that enhanses capabilities of Elastix billing and empower elastix admin to automatically generate and email invoices to users of system on monthly basis based on call details records applying rates already set in elastix system and enable users to view or download their invoices in PDF format from elastix web interface. The invoices are based per extension basis which are assigned to users. ICTInvoice has multi tenant capabilities as system admin can manage multiple companies , multiple users per company and multiple extensions per users by assigning / deassigned from web interface, ICTInovice enable admin to manage multiple invoice formats for different companies by creating new templates for each company.

ICTInvoice Ver 2.2.2 released with inbound / outbound billing and user wise summry and detail reporting , for more information please click here ICT Invoice , a multi tenant pbx solution

ICTInvoice is open source GPL v3.0 software, developed and maintained by ICT Innovations and sponsored by Mark Brooker


Requirment Elastix 1.6 or higher elastix version

Download package file from following link


Login your elastix server as admin

Elastix 1.6.x

Click System => Load Module and click on browse button to select package file

Elastix 2.x

You need install “developer module” and then load latest version of ICTInvoice via load module interface

logout / login to activate module

Admin Manual ¶

User Managment

Create users with required privelages and role through elastix menu system => user managment

Extension Mangment

Create required extensions through elastix menu PBX => Extension batch

Ceate New Company Templates

Click Inovoices => Invoice managment => Company templates => create new company template

Assigning users to company Click invoices => Invoice managment => Company Users

Select company name from top

Check un selected users from list

Click on top button to assign / deassing users to company

Assigning extensions to Users

Click Invoices => Invoice mangment => User Extensions

Select user from top

Select un assigned extension from list

Click on top button to assign / deassign extension to users

Create Invoices

Click Invoices => invoice managment => Create inovices

Select company name and user name from top right

Click on button "create invoices" to create invoices

View & Download Invoices.

Click Invoices =? My Invoices

Click on view to view invoice or click on download button to download invoices in PDF format

ICTInvoice is open source GPL v3 software, developed and maintained by ICT Innovations and sponsored by Mark Brooker


To setup ICTInvoice to offer hosted PBX services to your users, Please visit following link for more detail

ICTInvoice, A Multitenant hosted PBX
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