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About IP Communications:

IP Communications, LLC, a global VoIP service provider, offers telecommunication technologies in emerging global markets. IP Communications provides VoIP services to governmental organizations, facilities based broadband service providers and enterprise customers. IP Communications is the largest provider of DIDs throughout the United States with service facilities in the United Kingdom and areas of the European Union. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, GA with satellite sales offices in India and the Caribbean.

Products and Services:

IPDID Local Number Serviceâ„¢is built on a fully redundant network for the origination of DIDs throughout the United States. IPDID Local Number Serviceâ„¢ provides flat-rate multi-market DIDs aggregated over a single or multi-homed IP connection.

Service Features
    • Multi-market DID selection.
    • No per minute charge.
    • Supports SIP, IAX2 and H323 and most Codecs.
    • Secure online ordering.
    • Flexibility of single or high capacity concurrent call provisioning.
    • T.38 support.
    • DNIS and ANI support.
    • Automatic PSTN failover.

IP800 Toll Free Serviceâ„¢ gives the best features of toll free from over 70 countries worldwide. IP800 Toll Free Serviceâ„¢ is available with market specific requirements or as a Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN).

Service Features
    • Global selection.
    • Wholesale origination rates.
    • Supports SIP, IAX2 and H323 and most Codecs.
    • Flexibility of single or high capacity concurrent call provisioning.
    • DTMF support.
    • 800, 888, 877 and 866 number series available.
    • Automatic PSTN failover.

To request more information on wholesale pricing for carrier services or general inquiries about IP Communication services you may visit us online at http://www.ipcomms.net or send your request via email to sales@ipcomms.net.

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