IP PBX is a phone system that utilizes IP communications. Traditionally IP PBX's are located on site where they can also interface to traditional telco services such as analogue phone lines. The business end users connect via IP to the IP PBX for voice service.

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What is an IP PBX?

An IP PBX can be referred to as a lot of things: a business phone system, a unified communication system, or simply as a "PBX." These are a lot of different names but ultimately all mean the same thing. It's essentially the way that businesses make phone calls by using a centralized switching system rather than numerous independent phone lines. They're made to effectively handle the traffic between each individual station inside of a particular business and to act as a gateway to the greater world. The "PBX" in "IP PBX" stands for Private Branch Exchange, which is actually a bit of a dated term that has changed considerably throughout the past hundred years.

PBX History

Traditionally, a PBX is made up of two distinct parts: the stations and the lines. The stations are simply the physical telephones that people use directly or other similar machines such as credit card terminals, fax machines, modems, or numerous other related devices. The lines, which are often referred to as "trunks," are the individual connections that connect your system to the rest by using a telephone company's PTSN (public switched telephony system).

PBX was originally created to allow businesses to share access to limited resources by pooling just a few expensive lines across a variety of different stations rather than having a separate line for each one. A call received by the business was answered by an operator and then sent along to whichever specific department or person the call was intended for.

Technological Growth in Communications

Operators eventually went away and were replaced by electromechanical and then completely electrical systems when it came to managing line access. Additional features came too, such as a way to automatically route incoming calls, a way to allow existing calls to be transferred easily between stations, and even various white list or black list options. Afterwards, even more complex systems were added in order to allow for things like call queuing, voice messaging, and other things.

But that was in the past, as today's business phone systems are much more than simple switches with a few added features. There are advanced technologies such as automated attendants, multi-party conferencing, and voice messaging that are added to such systems as just standard features. The proprietary digital phone format and analog systems of the past are being phased out in favor of IP phones based on standard designs with additional outside connectivity capable over the internet by use of SIP trunks or other VoIP systems.

Unified Communications

When first developed, PBXs were only able to make electronic communication capable by utilizing phone calls made over wirelines, but the technological landscape of today has things such as email, video conferencing, instant messaging, SMS, desktop sharing, and mobile devices that can all be added into an overall advanced system that's capable of just about anything. We can see that the original name of "Private Branch Exchange" has become a bit dated, which is why all of these features are commonly referred to as Unified Communications when it comes to merging all of them into business processes.

Major Features

There are a number of benefits that come from getting a full PBX system. Some of those include the following:
  • It's ready for VoIP: With each year that passes, more and more businesses are moving away from the old PTSN lines in favor of turning to Voice Over IP. Ensure that whichever PBX you choose can easily support both IP trunks (the service) and also IP stations (the phones). Currently, SIP is the most standard option so make sure not to invest in a phone system that doesn't offer it support.
  • There's voice messaging: It used to be that voice messaging was only ever an often expensive, optional add-on, but in today's world, it's a standard portion of just about every competitive PBX option. Many PBXs offer voicemail forwarding services that are sent directly as email attachments and some will even support visual voicemail.
  • It's extremely mobile: It's very common for a lot of business's in today's world to have multiple workers who work outside of the office. There are PBX options that easily support mobile friendly features such as remote IP extensions, Find Me or Follow Me services, and even fixed/mobile convergence.
  • It makes conferencing a breeze: Travel costs can be greatly reduced by utilizing conference calls. Make sure that your PBX system has baked in support for multi line conference calling (which is a step up from the very basic three way calls).
  • Better reporting: Data is everything in today's information age, and today's best PBX options support a number of different ways to measure vital phone related info such as call history or a variety of other reporting features.

PBX Using Asterisk

A business looking for a powerful, scalable PBX system should look into Asterisk. It has a variety of advanced features such as voicemail, call queues, bridging for conference calls, intercom calling, paging capabilities, and automated attendant as a standard feature in the system.

Asterisk can be used for traditional telephony systems or VoIP, which means it can be used on virtually any phone. It's also a future proof system that is constantly evolving and sees numerous improvements each year.

PBX from Scratch

One of the great things about Asterisk is that it can be used to build a new system from scratch by starting with just the basic engine itself. This gives a business absolute control over their phone system, which is ideal for companies creating new services or products.

Vendor Information

The following is a list of IP PBX vendors, manufacturers, and service providers.

1 Asterisk --Real-time Maria DB Python: Completely FREE VoIP and Unified Communication cloud platform for any size company. The software can also be used by any company that wants to reduce telephony costs and to increase the quality of voice communication. This is a complete ISO which will install your CentOS 7 and all requirements. Can be installed in less than ten minutes on any 64bit hardware or VM Although it is commercial it is completely Free. We also offer support. You can open a support ticket or call us to discuss any support needs. From time to time clients will request additional modules. If it makes sense for others users also we will develop it for free and add it to the repository. All updates are pushed out in the Admin / Updates section. Update to more free modules every time we add them. Don't miss out on the very special opportunity to have a fully functioning Real Time Asterisk with GUI and support. You can also custom brand the PBX with your company logo and footer information and install this as a Managed Service Provider MSP.


3CX is a software-based, open standard, IP PBX that offers complete Unified Communications features, out of the box. 3CX can be deployed on-premise on Windows or Linux, virtualized or on a Mini PC as a PBX Appliance, or in the cloud using hosters such as Google and Amazon.

As an affordable software-based solution 3CX makes installation, management and maintenance ever so easy while at the same time offering your business a number of benefits, including reduced telco bills, increased mobility and productivity, integrated web conferencing, Click2Call, CRM Integration and native clients for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS as well as a web client.

For more info:
Email: info@3cx.com
Website: www.3cx.com
Or call us: +1 (813) 579 1691 or +44 (20) 3327 2020

AvatarDialler IP PBX not only saves your cost of phone system, but increase your productivity too, geographical flexibility with unlimited users availability to expand your agents at any time, call converts to your Android, not to miss any call, because every call is important for business perceptive. It have all necessities features to meet the demand and needs of your business!

For more info, contact us!
Email: sales@avatardialler.com
Website: www.avatardialler.com
Contact No
For U.S.A (+1)6467571041
FOR U.K (+44)2037696777


All possible types of the number are available: sms numbers, local phone numbers (fixed), mobile numbers, fax-to-email, toll-free ( 800), disposable numbers for social networks registration
Contact us:
Email: info@almostfreecalls.net
Skype: virtual_local_numbers
website: www.almostfreecalls.net
Telegram: @Zhekamas


Bicom Systems

Bicom Systems PBXware is an IP PBX turnkey business communications platform that is flexible, reliable, and scalable. PBXware was the first ever GUI for Asterisk, presented at Astricon in 2004, setting the standard for others to follow. Available in 3 editions:

Bicom Systems
Cebod Telecom - True PBX Benefits, Get the real benefit of PBX and SIP Trunking . Get unlimited extensions for free and pay only for the lines you use. Example 20 Employees and 10 Phone lines. Pay only for 10 phone lines, and still get phone for each employee.

All Included CLOUD PBX
Features of Cebod Telecom Phone Service :-

IVR / Auto Attendant
Call Conference
Call Transfer
Call Forward
Voice Mail, VM to Email,
Fax, eFax, Combo Fax.
Call Follow-me
Voicemail / Voicemail to email notification
Inbound DID Numbers
Ring Groups and many more.

DIDForSale We offer largest coverage all over US with more the 11000 Rate Centers. Multiple products for all size companies. Highly rated for price, quality and customer satisfaction.

Works with any SIP based PBX like Asterisk, Freeswitch, Free PBX, Cisco, Opensips, Kamailio, VoIP Switch
No Commitment, Many products to fit your budget.
Unlimited calling on SIP Trunks
Largest Single Tier SIP Trunking with unlimited minutes anywhere.
DIDforSale now also provides Canada DID's.
DIDforSale now also provides UK DID's.
DIDforSale now also offers unlimited inbound/outbound SIP Trunks for businesses.

FreeSWITCH IP PBX is an open source, soft PBX solution which delivers audio and/or video, and data content. FreeSWITCH IP PBX can also provide a vast array of services which can be custom built with minimum changes in the available communications infrastructure at your premises and with minimum space requirements.


Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX

Multi-Tenant PBX is a reliable, cost-effective IP PBX and unified communications software platform capable of hosting multiple virtual PBXs on a single server. It enables Internet Telephony Service Providers, telephony resellers, and VoIP entrepreneurs to quickly roll out reliable hosted telephony services with powerful features, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness to ensure satisfied customers, reduce churn, and provide a steady return on their investment.

Thirdlane Business PBX

Thirdlane® Business PBX is a reliable, cost-effective IP PBX and unified communications software platform that forms the heart of a versatile Voice over IP (VoIP) enabled telephony system. It provides small businesses, larger companies, and multi-site enterprises a flexible combination of the best of open source and commercially developed solutions, offering an alternative to high-cost telephony systems.

Try Thirdlane for Free!

Try a demo of Thirdlane Multi Tenant or Business PBX, or download a free trial ISO version of either PBX product from the Thirdlane website.

Find Out More
Find out more about Thirdlane products by visiting the Thirdlane website.


Bridge2Call IP Office, Bridge2Call (B2C) is a one stop solution that exactly addresses this prevalent VoIP based telephony requirements and helps deliver world class IP telephony services. It is an integrated service delivery platform with Class-5 soft switch features. Bridge2Call unlocks opportunity at various levels and market segments, be it Calling Card, Callback, IP Office, SIP Trunking, Call Shops, VoBB etc.

NEOX IPPBX , is a cost-effective hybrid VoIP solution that enables enterprises to offer cutting- edge, secure and reliable IP-PBX features. Its powerful yet user-friendly interface facilitates secure user authentication and authorization, thus allowing customers to self provision services as per individual requirement. Enterprise system administrators can also monitor calls and track billing by extensions in real-time. Ensuring higher successful call ratio becomes simpler with the advanced features of multiple trunk line support, failover mechanism and least-cost routing.

DESKGREEN, Cloud based Virtual PBX - No matter the size of your Company, whether you are an entrepreneur, small or medium business, you can have a Phone System at the same level of any large Corporation. Multi language (English, Spanish and Portuguese). Numbers available for more then 60 countries. Easy to use interface.

ALLO PSTN/VOIPPBX - for SOHO with 30 IP extension, upto 6 Analog Extension & upto 4 PSTN trunk. Supports 8 party conference room, Voicemail, IVR , FAX to Email & much more.

Flyingvoice- Leading Manufacturer of IP Phone, VoIP Adapter, VoIP Wireless Router and IP PBX in China, NO.1 VoIP Router market share in South Korea.

Svanto.net - Tailored Internet telephony solutions VoIP provider for residential, wholesales and business. Providing international DID's via high quality SIP Trunks, IP PBX (WSP) and hosted PBX (OpenPBX)


.e4PBX - Hosted and premise based solution available. SIP / SMS / API - Hit live support for a demo and free test account.


4PSA VoipNow

4PSA VoipNow fully featured, carrier-grade, multi-tenant edition for service providers and businesses, that can be installed on their chosen infrastructure or delivered as a UCaaS. VoipNow provides a fast, competitively priced go-to-market solution, from deployment and provisioning all the way to selling and billing.


DIY VOIP PBX - Build your own cloud VoIP PBX system in no time! With DIY PBX you can spin-up your very own cloud hosted VoIP PBX system in under an hour with unlimited calling for under $30 per month.



Astimax Easy communication with Astimax. This is the vision our ADDX team integrates in our daily work. With the IP Voice PBX Astimax, we developed
one of the first professional Asterisk appliances for the European market. By now the 5th generation of the Astimax series displays easy administration, reliability and scalability. Astimax IP Voice PBX appliances are individually configurable telephone systems according to IP Standard. Our main focusses are our own developments and individual customer support. Steady contact persons and a team that’s well attuned to each other make sure that your wishes and requests are solved quickly, reliably and bindingly. Moreover, you can choose between different Astimax Care service packages. With Astimax Lifetime you can take advantage of our latest developments for your Astimax IP Voice PBX. In the way we work, we put a special emphasis on an honest and transparent dealing with our customers.

Astimax IP Voice PBX appliances are successfully implemented in many different companies with various requirements. The advantages of Astimax IP Voice PBX systems benefit businesses with only some employees as well as call centers with over 1000 extensions and several company sites.

  • Astimax ACD monitor with graphical reporting
  • Astimax LiveConference, the clear conference room dashboard
  • Astimax Mobile, the smartphone integration
  • Astimax VPL, the mobile switchboard
  • Astimax Admin, the interface with a comprehensive authorization structure to manage the administration of the appliance
  • Astimax User, the web interface for all users for the individual configuration of the personal extension
  • Astimax Lifetime to stay updated with the latest developments for Astimax IP-Voice systems
  • Astimax Care, the comfortable service packages

Allo NANO2 asterisk pbx for Soho and SMB


ansit-com IP PBX solutions ansit-com provides individual IP PBX solutions for small and mid-sized companies with a strong focus on flexibility. All PBX systems are available as hardware appliance, as hosted solution and for virtual machines. With our user-friendly webinterface it is possible to manage and enhance the PBX easily.


Carusto Carusto is a company which provides fully equiped solution with all features for your business. Our telecomunication platform can be created in cloud service or server variant. It is very flexible and can be integrated with almost every CRM system in the world.

We provide list of our software products: IP-PBX, Unified Communications, Call center.
We provide such features as
  • mobility
  • combining of the offices.
  • recording and wiretaps of conversations
  • IVR ( Voice menu)
  • Voice mail
  • Conference
  • Geolocation of the user
  • CRM system
  • Calls from your computer
  • user friendly design
  • video and selector communication
  • corporate chat and other features.

You can see more information on our website - http://www.carusto.com/en/

VoIP Supply

Appliances for Do-It-Yourself Phone Systems

Here at VoIP Supply we are aware that not every business is the same and there will be different wants/needs. We want to make sure we have the appliance for you and that is why we have partnered with the top IP PBX manufacturers in the industry.

These appliances comes with varying manufacturer warranties, but you can always add the VoIP Supply Go3 Warranty, some appliances come with a Unified Communication (UC) platform already installed and other appliances allow you choose an open source platform of your choice.

VoIP Supply can also help you with SIP Trunking options
Download free guide to PBX systems

VoIPSupply.com is already known as the trsuted one-stop ship for all of you name-brand hardware needs. Mirroring that effort, our mission for the CloudSpan Marketplace is to provide potential service customers with a single place to shop various cloud service offerings, in order to find the perfect match for their business's size and needs.

BareVOIP Limited is a VOIP service provider with high quality standards and interconnections. We provide wholesale VOIP minutes, feature rich Hosted PBX with FAX, SMS, Conferencing, call recording, local and international toll / toll free DID numbers, voicemail to email, web voicemail, auto attendant and many more. All accessible from within the customer portal.
Companies have been saving up to 80% on call cost as compared to traditional analogue based telephony. For more information visit us at http://www.barevoip.com.
User accounts start from $10 onwards

Bullroar Telecom - Virtual PBX service from Bullroar is an all-inclusive hosted VoIP solution serving small businesses across the Gulf Coast. For one low monthly price per phone users have full access to a broad portfolio of features, virtually unlimited nationwide calling, and the reliability that comes along with our distributed nationwide network.



Diamondcard Hosted PBX - Diamondcard Hosted PBX
Diamondcard Hosted PBX - Diamondcard Hosted PBX Wiki

Lean, mean and easy to use. We do initial configuration for you so its really easy to setup. Low cost and using open Source technology. Get started for as low as $9.60/mth. Reseller and private label program too. +1-303-997-0900 #1.



  • Basic and advanced PBX features
  • Short numbers, redirecting, call recording ,voice mail
  • Ring groups, hunt groups, conferences
  • Rates, routing, LCR , ASN , ACD
  • Flexible API
  • Windows , Mac and mobile softphone's
and many more

.e4 Technologies - .e4 provides powerful, integrated IP Communications enterprise class services that provide the SMB customer to configure the exact voice, video, messaging and collaboration services they need in just minutes- all delivered on-demand.


Elastix is a software-based, open standard, IP PBX that offers complete features, out of the box. Elastix can be deployed on-premise on Windows or Linux, virtualized or on a Mini PC as a PBX Appliance, or in the cloud using hosters such as Google and Amazon.

As an affordable software-based solution Elastix makes installation, management and maintenance ever so easy while at the same time offering your business a number of benefits, including reduced telco bills, increased mobility and productivity, integrated web conferencing, Click2Call, CRM Integration and native clients for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS as well as a web client.

For more info:
Email: info@elastix.org
Website: www.elastix.org

http://www.foehn.co.uk/ Foehn Ltd - We are experts in IP Telephone Systems, Hosted VoIP Phone Systems and Unified Communications. Foehn is one of the leading Asterisk open source experts in Europe with 13 years of successful IP communications deployment. For more information visit http://www.foehn.co.uk or call us on 0844 846 2323

IPX ASIA SDN BHD - Cloud / Hosted IP PBX Platform for ISPs and service Providers. Wholesale SIP termination, DID numbers together with the Hosted Telco Billing system makes it all complete for any Service Provider to start operating at the lowest cost. Scale your business and you may not even need to worry about upgrades or maintenance. You take care of the customers, we take care of the system. Your branding on our Technology. WE GOT ALL BASES COVERED.
For more information visit http://www.ipx.com.my, email : sales@ipx.com.my or call us on 603 27720925

Ip-Pabx.com IP-Pabx.com - First of its kind Hosted IP Based Pbx system offering from A-Z Solution from one provider. Totally Hosted Web Based Pbx System, Very Low priced starting 199$. You place an order, choose your Country Code and Area code for your incoming lines, choose extension quantity, They ship you pre programmed 99$ ip phones, you plug them on the internet, and you have a pbx system up and running. the extensions can be anywhere in the world, and they will work fine. visit the web site for demo, or email us for a free test account. You get Voice Mail, Fax to Email, Web Voice Mail, Call Recording, 20 IVR's. API to integrate your own applications.

Max Cole Technology Solutions, Singapore
Headquartered in Singapore, Max Cole Technology Solutions has been building and selling IP PBXes and Unified Communication Servers since 2005. Originally founded in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the company moved its operations to Singapore in June of 2007 to serve the regional focus of Singapore based companies.

Any application you can dream up and build can be integrated 100% license free into a Max Cole Unified Communications Server. Our system application developers are available to assist you in the design and integration of your value added application delivering on Max Cole's promise of systems that give you “Freedom to Create, Freedom to Build” (TM)

Max Cole's solutions are distributed throughout South East Asia by Value Added Resellers and System Integrators.

  • Net2Phone Net2Phone offers high quality, low cost SIP Trunking and Business VoIP Solutions - no charge per channel, no contracts, pay only for the minutes you use. We provide solutions for small-to-medium sized businesses, large enterprises and corporations, call centers, hotels, universities, etc.

VoipTiger offers a fully featured Free Cloud PBX with great quality/price call rates. SIP-trunking, Call center features, Numbers (DID's) in 53 countries. Hardware is configured automatically. Hardware: Yealink, Jabra, AVM, Grandstream.

Voyced | Voyced is a VoIP (telephone) solution provider with the ambition to grow to becoming one of the main pan-European players with our low-cost, commercial grade IPPBX and VoIP services.

We are already present in over a 150+ countries with Standard, Call Center, TollFree and /or UIFN telephone number / DIDs for residential and business users and expanding further. You can make phone calls to anywhere in the world without any extra crossing country border costs as all our clients get the same tariff, no matter where they are located. Quality and flexibility are always most important and now you can have that, wherever you are and for the lowest cost ever. Let us help you and get in touch now!

In the end, it boils down to the fact that we supply any business with an award winning, commercial grade VoIP solution.
A telephony solution that would normally only be available to the big corporations and for a far lower price then you would think possible.

Yoozoom - Telecommunications Evolved

  • VoIP PBX Systems from Yoozoom One of the UK's premier providers of business VoIP systems, we have supplied thousands of phone systems from cost-effective Hosted VoIP options to feature packed on-site PBX systems and SIP Trunking. We have designed, installed and managed many large IP PBX systems for clients running spaces such as large offices and hotels with powerful features and a specialist support team on hand 24/7.


Zycoo Co.,Ltd.


Location: Chengdu, China
The Coovox V2 is an asterisk business-PBX for small and mid-sized companies, currently running asterisk 13.Worlwide Shipping, Wholesale prices available on request. http://zycoo.com/html/IP_Phone_System.html
email: zycoo@zycoo.com
Subscribe Zycoo newsletter: http://zycoo.com/html/Newsletter.html

Coovox V2 series is license free, feature-rich and lot of outstanding add-on software to improve your office communications productivity. Coovox V2 carries outstanding modular design forward from Coovox V1, that all modules are standardized in slot module design and fits different models of Coovox V2 IP PBX.
Coovox U20 V2: http://zycoo.com/html/U20_V2.html
Coovox U50 V2: http://zycoo.com/html/U50_V2.html
Coovox U80: http://zycoo.com/html/U80.html
Coovox U100 V2: http://zycoo.com/html/U100_V2.html

Zycoo Coovox V2 add-ons:
  • CooCall -A free of charge soft phone use with Coovox V2 IP PBX, Android and iOS version available.
    • Create preferred BLF on mobile.
    • Record calls on both Android and iOS phones, files stored on IP PBX, not consume mobile storage rooms.
    • Read extension voice mails
    • Play extension call recordings
    • Multi-language
    • Auto-switch networks between office private IP address and public IP address
    • Separated phone book on client: personal phone book & office phone book
    • Conduct 3-way conference

  • CooBill is enterprise grade billing software, integrated with Coovox V2 IP PBX.
    • Prepay & Postpay mode
    • Flexible Rate for Extension
    • Real-time Billing
    • Centralized Account Management

  • CTMS V2, A unique and dedicated telephone system solution for group enterprises.
    • Easy to build a centralized telephone network infrastructure for group enterprises who have multiple office in different locations.
    • Free calling from office to office.
    • Bridge outbound calls from any branch to local PSTN.
    • Unified Extension Identification.
    • Simple centralized administration
    • Secure and private data storage
    • Scalable for future enterprise expansion

  • UC Pro, is a powerful unified communication software suite which allows users a high level of integration, communication and collaboration between their telephone system and their internal business system.
    • Know who is calling before answer the call (Pop-up window)
    • Quick access to the caller’s full details.
    • Improve call handling and the caller’s experience.
    • Find contacts quickly from “recent dial” and call history lists.
    • Store regular contacts in a shared phone book.
    • Locate and dial contacts from CRM database and other integrated applications.

Zycoo Argentina

VoIP Experts S.R.L. - Distribuidor Exclusivo Zycoo

Te: +54 (11) 52190914 +54 (351) 5682878
skype: voipexperts
www.voipexperts.com.ar / info@voipexperts.com.ar


MangoVoice.com - Get a Big business phone system on a Small business budget for as low as $19.99. Get all the features you would expect from an enterprise level phone system. Make changes to your phone system anytime with a simple web portal. Unlimited Long-Distance, Auto-attendant, Fax to Email, Music on Hold, Find me-Follow me and more.Learn More.

  • Auto-Attendant- Use virtual receptionists to answer and direct calls.
  • CRM Integration- Integrate into CRM's like InfusionSoft and myCallIQ.com
  • Schedule-based routing- Route calls based on the time or day of the week. Add holidays
  • Voicemail to Email- Quickly and easily send and access your voicemail in your email inbox.
  • Follow/Find Me- Route calls to your cell phone, home, or any other phone in minutes.
  • Unlimited Long-Distance- No Overages. Talk as much as your business needs for one low price.
  • Visual Dial-plan editor- Manage all of these features from a single, easy-to-use web portal.
  • Call Parking- Place calls on hold and continue the conversation from other telephone sets.
  • Conference rooms- Collaborate with your team or Clients. Manage professional-quality conference calls with ease.
  • Fax to email- Send or Receive faxes using your email account with our virtual fax.
  • Call Recording- Record calls for verifications or quality assurance.
  • Call Queues- Call centers large or small rely on efficient call queues.
  • Music on Hold- Give your company a professional look and feel. Choose your music or custom recordings for customers on hold.
  • Cloud Based- A phone system in the cloud means you get scalability, flexibility, and reliability
  • Fully Scalable- Our cloud-based phone system can grow as you do.
  • Real-time Reports& Analytics- Get real-time access to reports and analytics that help you increase company efficiency.
  • and more...
Learn More.


MOBEX combines a truly mobile hosted pbx service with the best in office phone service. Mobex, Tampa Bay’s local business phone company, provides small, mid-size, and mobile businesses a sophisticated, yet inexpensive telecom experience with customizable call handling features to help better connect with customers and improve internal procedures. Mobex is also the exclusive VoIP partner with Verizon FiOS in the Tampa Bay area. To learn more about VoIP the way it is supposed to be check us out at http://mobexonfios.com/


We specialize in business grade SIP TRUNK services delivered over our global network. We support number over stamping and number porting so you can keep your current phone number.

Net2Phone - Net2Phone provides a variety of low-cost, high quality SIP Trunking solutions to suit the needs of any size business. Net2Phone currently routes millions of minutes daily over data networks, saving these businesses up to 90% off traditional long distance costs! With over 800 carrier interconnects worldwide, Net2Phone offers the lowest rates to all destinations, A-Z. This allows you, the reseller, to profit by saving your customers money!



SNBX - SmartNode Branch eXchange from PATTON Electronics

The SNBX IP-PBX appliance for small-to-medium enterprises supports up to 500 SIP endpoints (phones) and up to 128 concurrent calls (64 with transcoding). Featuring pre-installed Windows 7 and 3CX PBX software, Patton’s SNBX simplifies the transition to all-IP communications for small and mid-sized organizations—and the integrators and value-added resellers that serve them. With built-in configurations for Patton’s complete line of SmartNode VoIP Gateways, SNBX further reduces the time and cost to deploy an all-IP business-class telephony system.

All Patton products come with free gold-standard customer support—including downloadable software updates—reducing total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) while setting the company apart from other industry players.


PBX in a Flash Download PBX in a Flash for your high-performance, turnkey PBX powered by 3CX. Based on Debian Linux, PIAF provides you with a fully functional unified communications suite complete with productivity boosting features such as softphones and smartphone clients, integrated video conferencing, chat, presence and more.

Easy to install and manage, PBX in a Flash automatically configures a wide range of popular IP phones, SIP trunks and gateways and allows for hassle-free upgrading. Install PIAF on a virtual machine, server or in the cloud with Google, Amazon, OVH and more.

For more info:
Website: www.pbxinaflash.com

ipbx by Taridium - The Taridium ipbx® is a highly capable software VoIP PBX system that replaces a traditional hardware based PBX. ipbx runs on standard server hardware and does not require any additional software licenses. Choose from many phones such as Aastra, Cisco, Polycom or Snom, instead of getting locked in with one vendor. Free for up to 5 users. Supported licenses start at $199. Reseller and consultant programs available.

Pika Technologies

Embedded PBX Platforms for your Channel - GUI Included
_Pika Warp Mobile PBX __
Supports FXO, FXS, GSM, BRI, UMTS, LTE, and soon T1/E1. GUI Included
_Pika uIPBX __
A pocket sized low cost IP PBX. GUI Included



RingRoost - Enterprise level hosted PBX for companies world wide, featuring an easy to use PBX & call flow system builder.
  • Hosted PBX System
  • Free SIP Inbound & Peer to Peer calling
  • Call Queues, Database Integration, IVR’s, PBX’s, CNAM Lookups
  • E911 Enabled
  • Toll Free Numbers
  • Simple/Affordable monthly prices

VoipSwitch IP PBX is the multi-functional module that enables its users to communicate freely irrespective of their global location. For this reason, it is a perfect solution for small to medium size international companies, which are looking for a cost-effective way to make internal phone calls with a video calling option.

IP PBX is available for telecom providers.

Neotel 2000 VoIP Services - Virtual PBX expandable with CRM telemarketing software

Neotel offers their various VoIP solutions via 2 distinct websites:

Neotel 2000 The corporate website with all info regarding Virtual PBX solutions.

Neotel CRM + PBX Specific website about their Call Center Telemarketing solution; a CRM with integrated PBX and predictive dialer.

Smart Voice Network offering service to Carriers and Call Centers with unique ability to cap rates and manage sub accounts. VoIP Carrier with US & International Termination and Origination.VoIP Carrier with US & International Canada $.01 UK $.01_USA Termination and Origination offers termination & origination at $0.01 per minute and DID's for $1.00 per month all with unlimited channels / concurrent calls Competitive High Quality NPA-NXX rate deck, International Carrier rates, and DID channel pricing. For calling cards, mobile dialer, Efax solution, Bulk SMS and white label for the best web conference we will host it for you and payment solution Call us at 760-517-6724.
our Hosted PBX start at $99 with all the features and tech support
  • Remote extensions to your system
  • Works over 3G and Wireless.
  • Interfaces to any existing phone line
  • Multiple SIP/IAX trunks to any provider
  • Hardened system with advanced firewall
  • Supports hundreds of users depending on hardware specifications.
  • NBN ready.
Smart Voice hosted IP PBX


Business VoIP Solutions Provider - Momentum.png
Momentum Telecom Website

Momentum’s hosted PBX service is for the innovators ready to drive business growth today, ready to break free from premise equipment and embrace the power of cloud PBX communications. Backed by superior voice quality and a reliable network, our business VoIP solution harnesses the power of the Internet to deliver savings and advanced productivity features that trump your traditional phone service.

From web conferencing and virtual fax to call recording and unified messaging, top-notch communications tools are accessible and affordable with a switch to a Voice over IP network.

Founded in 2001, Momentum now operates over 100,000 digital voice lines for more than 350 independent cable operators, municipalities, value added resellers, managed service providers and direct subscribers throughout the U.S. Backed by a commitment to quality and customer support, Momentum delivers geo-redundant, carrier-grade services using the BroadSoft 17.4 platform and is CLEC certified in 45 states. Momentum provides its customers with the flexibility and quality services needed from their communications provider.

Momentum also offers a wide variety of business VoIP phone models

Momentum VoIP Services.png

  • Prologix Systems - Predictive Dialer + VoIP Minutes - Predictive Dialer + VoIP Minutes.Cloud Based Dialer Solutions, CRM Solutions, SMS EMAIL Integration,ViCiDial, GoAutoDial, OSDial,FreePBX IVR Systems, Domestic PRI Based Center, Domestic Call Center Solutions,IP-PBX Solutions, Asterisk Based Solutions, Bulk VoIP Termination. Various models for Dialer and VoIP as per your requirement. Contact: - Neelam Jain,Prologix Systems, sales@prologixsystems.com Message Me: - prologix.sales @ Gtalk, Skype. +91-7073214443.
OnSIP Hosted PBX (a.k.a. IP PBX by Junction Networks, the IP communications veterans.

OnSIP has been recognized by INC. Magazine, Voip-News, Internet Telephony and others as a leading service for business communication.

Ted Stevenson of VoIP Planet called it “a pretty eye opening solution that moves business telephony into a very new place.”

The most popular package for $99 / month includes all the features needed for a 25 person company!

This Virtual PBX Service features:

  • No cost per seat or user, pay only for usage of features and minutes
  • No cost for rarely used conference room and lobby phones
  • Mobile office connectivity – register any number of phones to ring simultaneously for the same extension
  • Use any SIP phones or soft phones
  • All you can eat conference bridge
  • Free extension to extension calls
  • No hardware to buy or manage
  • Free internet to internet calls
  • Easy 10 minute setup
  • Firefox plugin for one-click calling and website click to call are free add-ons
  • No contracts, there are many free trial options available

PhonePresence Hosted VoIP from X-on Cloud Telecoms

Flexible, Powerful and Cost Saving New Phone System

PhonePresence Hosted VoIP is a feature rich phone system providing from 3 to 100 VoIP lines over multiple ADSL broadband connections, without your needing to buy extra phone lines. This results in increased flexibility and call handling power, but at reduced costs.

Setting up is simple, without lots of equipment, so setup costs are small. The comprehensive features are managed via a web interface.

The service includes a geographic number, with more available for a small monthly fee.

Capped Call Rates, Low Setup Costs, with Free Calls via the Internet

Included Business Benefits:

  • Low Cost: Having one broadband connection providing multiple phone lines is considerably more cost effective and less bother than having multiple phone lines installed, involving minimal in-house equipment. Capped call rates provide peace of mind and a planned cash flow.
  • Existing Numbers: We can port your current phone numbers to the Hosted VoIP service (where compatible), allowing you to keep these numbers even when you move to another exchange area. No more changing numbers when you move.
  • Call Management: Administer your call handling via an easy to use web interface.
  • Mobile Staff: Staff can connect from any location where they have access to a broadband connection. The ability to use different local numbers provides your business with a local presence in any area you choose.
  • Easy to install: Once setup, we send you configured phones which you plug into your broadband router - simple!
  • No More Missed Calls: Features such as call queueing, call forwarding and voicemail ensure no calls are missed.

To find out how your communications can be simplified, have more features and be more efficient, all while reducing costs by utilizing VoIP, please call the PhonePresence Small Business Sales Team on +44 (0) 333 332 2000.

Real Tone Technologies - All-in-One WiFi IP PBX for Home and Small office.

WiFi IP PBX phone system

WRT2011 is the Wireless Office Communication system for SoHo user, It is 802.11n Wireless Router support 2 USB 3G Dongle, one WAN and 2 LAN ports, and build-in IP PBX provide the call features like Auto Attendant, 3-way conference, voice mail, recording


Wireless IP PBX phone system for Home and small office;

2 USB ports for 3G Dongle (WCDMA/CDMA2000) or Storage

1 WAN port and 2 LAN ports

802.11 b/g/n Wireless Router

1 Analog extension and 1 CO line

Support 8 SIP clients and 4 SIP trunks

Build-in IP PBX Support recording, IVR, Video calls, 3-way-conference

WEB GUI for management

For more Enterprise class IP PBX Products, please see Embedded IP PBX Phone System

Contact Information

Switchvoice - provides hardware and software building blocks enabling IP based voice communication.
Please visit our website if you need a SOHO PBX system (FXS, FXO, ISDN BRI/PRI, GSM) or
if you require support and expertise to develop your own VoIP solution.

VadaXchange - VadaXchange VoIP IP PBX

VadaXchange is a full-featured VOIP PBX solution, built on top of the Asterisk VOIP platform. We've taken the power of Asterisk and engineered the software to make it easy to use, easy to administer and integrated with email, instant messaging, video and fax.

In short, VadaXchange is more than just a PBX. It's a uniquely powerful universal communications platform.

Vidanetwork offers on premise products including, VOffice, VCenter, VCloud Platform and VCRM. Vidanetwork also offers premium hosted VoicePal and Global Office services to small and medium sized businesses.

Global Office offers all of the advanced features of Hosted PBX services including:

  • Free calls between extensions by 3-digit dialing.
  • Pay-as-you-go Long Distance and International calling at the lowest rates.
  • Self-management web interface to manage your PBX extensions, configure IVR, ACD queues and generate reports.
  • Local or toll-free numbers from USA, Canada, China, UK and other countries.
  • Voicemail, call recording, BLF, call monitoring tools and all other features.
  • Hosted CRM integrated with your Global Office.
  • Connect your own SIP devices, soft phones or download our free VoicePal app to your Android devices as your PBX extensions.
  • Online Sign Up, instant activation!
  • USA based supports, no contract.

VoIPPBX.systems The white label, commercial grade IPPBX | VoIPPBX.systems doesn't sell to clients directly. We are a wholesale business that will only work with a strong reseller / dealer network. Be part of the VoIPPBX.systems network if you want to be able to offer a trustworthy solution to your clients.

  • Step in at various levels.
  • Online Interface, fully hosted solution.
  • DIDs in 60+ countries.
  • All Class 5 features.
  • Tons of features.
  • Based on PortaOne.
  • Even use our platform to do the billing for you.

IP PBX Software - Vox PBX is the ultimate solution for cost-effective corporate communication needs as it allows unlimited VoIP calling at significantly lower costs. Employees, Clients and Customers can be well connected through Vox PBX helping your business grow successfully. Advanced features of Vox PBX such as Ring Group, Call Pickup, Blind & Attendant Transfer, Advanced Call Forwarding, etc., will help you to effectively manage your business operations.

To know more advantages of Vox PBX, kindly write down to us at sales@voxvalley.com
Explore Vox PBX today, register to get a free trial visit: http://vox-pbx.com/

Yeastar- New S-Series VoIP PBX for Small and Medium Enterprises

The powerful alternative for your business

New S-Series VoIP PBX for SME

The Yeastar S-Series is comprised of four models, each support an increasing number of extensions and concurrent calls:

Specifications of S300 VoIP PBX
  • Users: 300 (up to500)
  • Max Concurrent Calls: 60 (up to 120)*
  • Max Analog Ports: 24
  • Max BRI Ports: 24
  • Max Cellular Ports: 6
  • Max E1/T1/J1 Ports: 3
  • VoIP Trunks: 100
  • LAN: 1 (10/100/1000Mbps)
  • WAN: 1 (10/100/1000Mbps)
  • USB Port: 1
  • Protocol: SIP (RFC3261), IAX2
  • Transport Protocol: UDP, TCP, TLS, SRT
  • Codec: G711 (alaw/ulaw), G722, G726, G729A, GSM, Speex, ADPCM, iLBC, H263, H263P, H264, MPEG4
  • DTMF: In-band, RFC4733, RFC2833, SIP INFO
  • IP Services: Static IP, DHCP, VPN, Firewall, VLAN, DDNS, PPPoE, QoS, Static NAT, STUN
  • Voicemail: 10000 min (expandable)
  • Support: Firewall, T.38 Fax, App Center
  • External Storage: SD Card & 2.5 inch SATA HDD
  • Power: AC 100-240V 50/60HZ 1.8A max
  • Mounting: 1 U Rack-mount
  • Multiple Languages Support: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Korean, Italian, Polish,Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish

Key Features and Benefits
  • Works with SIP/IAX2, PSTN lines,ISDN BRI, E1/T1/PRI, and GSM/CDMA/3G
  • Built-in call recording capability
  • Powerful Apps (add-ons) include Auto Provision, LDAP, and more coming soon
  • Free lifetime software/firmware upgrade and above all, it’s supereasy
  • Connect multiple sites and remote users instantly
  • No hidden charges and extra licensing fees
  • Low power consumption (1.8-59.1 watt)
More information about Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX, please see S-Series VoIP PBX

Contact Information


  • Asia
    • Philippines

Telesail - All-In-One IPPBX with powerful billing system

Telesail offer a full range of cost effective media gateways, voip gateway,voip phone,IP PBX,designed to interface between TDM & IP network for enterprise or small scale operator

Enterprsie IP PBX TPB5008

TPB5008 is a feature-rich enterprise-class business ip telephony system and a advanced “All-in-One” IP PBX solution for all IP environments. It supports high quality VoIP and Unified Communications services for up to 100 user. It can support 8 VOIP interface,which can be 8-Port FXO, 4-Port FXS & 4-Port FXO depending on module options.TPB5008 interwork with various IP terminals and analog phones to provide multimedia IP telephony services as well as the traditional voice-based PBX features. TPB5008 is suitable for small and medium size companies, and inter-works with the VoIP and video products of Telesail to provide a variety of IP application services appropriate for your network. TPB5008 IP PBX is based on SIP Open Standards. In addition to Telesail' enterprise-class IP phones, it can easily support analog phones and a wide range of SIP-based third party devices to help companies more easily deploy the IP telephony system they need


  • All-In-One IPPBX with powerful billing system
  • High Performance dual-core Microprocessor
  • Two(2) VoIP Module Slots for FXS, FXO,
  • Network Interface: 2-port 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet interface
  • 1-port RS-232C serial console interface
  • Anti-virus with embedded Linux system
  • VPN support
  • Green IP PBX, low power consumption
  • Build-in mini asterisk server
  • Ready to use. Plug and Play
  • Call Manager Features: Supports various call scenarios, color ring service etc.
  • Supports SIP signaling, H.323 inter-working.
  • Supports a scenario editor for IVR services and support tools.
  • Supports UMS(unified messaging service) function (voice mail, etc)

More VoIP Products, please see Telesail

Contact Information

Telesis PX24N Nano- Hybrid IP PBX in a Telephone Box.
4 analog DC loop trunks (FXO ports), 8 analog subscribers (FXS ports), and 32 IP (SIP, or H.323, or xSIP) users (local or remote, subscriber or trunk) are located in a unique box, featuring an executive digital phone too.


The PX24N is a converged communications system with TDM and IP connectivity at the same time. It provides FXS, SIP, xSIP, H.323 for the local connectivity. Standard SIP and H.323 make the PX24N fully compatible with all industry standard IP devices including IP voice and video phones. Consequently, it is possible to use a mixture of legacy TDM and IP based terminals like phones in the same system. Furthermore, the PX24N offers similar features and services to both TDM and IP users, that make the life easier.

Details available at PX24N Nano Hybrid IP PBX

Horizon, world’s most bandwidth efficient VoIP platform

Horizon VoIP PBX - Simultaneous, low-cost calling for multiple analogue phones
The Horizon VoIP PBX allows 8 analogue telephones to be connected for simultaneous calling over an Internet link - more than any other system today for the bandwidth available. Additional models are also available that allow up to 24 simultaneous calls. It's ideal for deployment in a single office or multi-office scenario.

Horizon VoIP Switch - Interconnect to the Horizon network for low-bandwidth VoIP
The Horizon VoIP Switch enables you to interconnect existing telephony systems onto the Horizon network to take advantage of more bandwidth-efficient VoIP based on SmartPacket™ technology.

Contact us:
www.horizon-globex.com at horizon@horizon-globex.com

Gempro GP-708 GSM/3G/WCDMA VoIP PBX for all systems

GP-708 is a revolutionary and innovative product with Bluetooth Interface built inside the IP-PBX.
With this technology you can connect GP-708 by the Bluetooth cell phone.
Meanwhile it can be independent from the limitation between frequency and Telecommunication Provider.
GP-708 became the VoIP PBX support with GSM/CDMA/WCDMA/3G/4G systems.
Further more the 4G/LTE VoIP in the future, GP-708 is the best solution which is economized and easy to load.

1. Web based management
2. Built-in SIP/IAX Server
3. 8 Ports of Bluetooth trunks
4. SIP/IAX Extensions
5. Code: G.711-Ulaw, G.711-Alaw, G.726, G.729, GSM, SPEEX
6. Bluetooth Specification V2.0
7. Bluetooth working range: 10 meters

GP-708 measurement : 183mm x 105mm x 30mm
2.4G Antenna : 8
Power Supply : Input 100-240VAC 50-60Hz/Output 12VDC 1000mA

Gempro Technology Inc.


SMARTech Corp.
From one-man web hosting to enterprise-level business intelligence consultation, and from the simplest VoIP needs to the most complex PBX system requirements - for over ten years, SMARTech Corp. has been providing innovation through our one-stop data center services guaranteeing personalized smart solutions for all of your IT needs.

“In the past, our Call Centers have required fundamental re-configurations - ASAP. And, the airnet Call Center team has consistently responded with day-of, or next-day solutions that have enabled us to do business faster & smoother than ever before.”
CellularSales of Knoxville, INC.

While primarily an innovator in data-centric “Outbound” calling applications (smartCall Center), airnet has also worked extensively in the arena of robust inbound/outbound office PBX solutions. As experienced developers well-versed in the world of Asterisk, airnet’s expert VoIP technicians have designed and implemented custom VoIP systems for leading Call Centers around the U.S.

Call: (423) 664-7678 x112
Email: sales@smartechcorp.net

Telefonía IP | MasIP

La Telefonia IP es el servicio telefónico que integra voz y datos en una red basada en protocolo IP . Explicado de un modo todavía más sencillo, la telefonía IP es un teléfono o centralita ip que además de nuestra voz nos permite enviar y recibir datos.
Las centralitas IP transmiten los datos a través de Internet, por lo que los costes de comunicación se reducen de manera ostensible. De media, una empresa que utiliza un sistema de telefonia IP reduce su factura de teléfono más de un 30%.

Algunas ventajas de la telefonía IP:

La telefonia IP permite que las diferentes delegaciones de una empresa trabajen con el mismo sistema de telefonia IP y realizar sus llamadas a través de Internet, simplificando la infraestructura de comunicación de la empresa y reduciendo los costes ya que las llamadas entre las distintas delegaciones son gratuitas.
Con teléfonos móviles ip podrá realizar llamadas sin coste adicional desde cualquier lugar del mundo en el que exista conexión a Internet. En el caso de empresas con departamentos que trabajen fundamentalmente fuera de las instalaciones de la empresa esto es básico para el ahorro en la factura de teléfono.
Gracias a la telefonia IP y la tecnología VOIP, el sistema puede transferir llamadas automáticamente a diferentes terminales, ponerlas en espera, establecer llamadas de conferencia o funcionar como operadora automática que redirige las llamadas a los diferentes departamentos.

Llámenos al teléfono gratuito 900 834 598 o escríbanos solicitando más información al correo info@masip.es

1 Dollar Hosted PBX

$1 PBX by dOpenPBX is a Hosted PBX VPS with with 512 MB RAM, 30 GB Storage Zaptel/DADHI devices to support the operation of Music-on-hold (MOH) and conferencing (Meetme) 1 Public IP Address - SSH root access - Secure System with Firewall/ Fail2Ban - 100% Network Uptime Guarantee

Our Hosted PBX provides key features such as :

  • Auto-attendant (IVRs)
  • Call Queues
  • Find me/Follow me
  • Call Pickup / Parking/Retrieval / Recording / Transfer / Waiting
  • Caller ID
  • Caller ID Black Lists
  • Conference Rooms
  • Dial By Name / Directory
  • DISA
  • FAX to Email/Web to FAX

Asterisk Malaysia: www.asterisk.my


Asterisk.my was registered in 2014. It is one of the Malaysia’s leading Asterisk services provider company that provide free support open source Asterisk in Malaysia.

We offer:

•Asterisk Installation
•Asterisk Configuration
•Custom Asterisk Development
•Dial plan programming/configuration
•IVR designing & Servicing
•Custom Scripting
•Call monitoring and recording (Voice Logger)
•Custom API and CRM Integration
•Database Integration (ODBC)
•Custom Queue Systems
•Conference Systems
•Configuring Telecom Cards
•Elastix Installation & Configuration
•Vicidial Installation
•Vicidial Configuration
•Click to dial Applications
•Support AsterCC
•Support for A2 Billing (Calling Cards)
•Free PBX configuration and Installation
•Trix Box Configuration and Installation
•AsteriskNow Configuration and Installation
•Support for Free Switch
•Remote server administration and management
•Trouble Shooting

VoIP Myanmar: IP Telephony Solutions

VoIP Myanmar is offering IP Telephony Solutions for Offices, Factories, Hotels and Call Centers in Myanmar. We also provide IP Phones and other hardware like Contact Center Headsets for customers in Myanmar. Our core Solutions are:

•Analog PBX Systems
•Hybrid IP PBX Systems
•Pure IP PBX Systems
•Hosted IP PBX Systems

PortSIP PBX: Software based, multi-tenant IP PBX System

PortSIP PBX is a software-based, Multi-Tenant IP PBX system that offers complete Unified Communications features, it’s totally developed by PortSIP, not forks from open source IP PBX.

• Not from Open Source, independent research and development
• Easier installation and configuration
• Multi-Tenant IP PBX, design for cloud
• Inbuilt MCU offers 1080P video conference for free
• Scalable and high availability
• Complete solution
• Seamless integration: Full REST API and VoIP SDK provided
• WebRTC offers click-to-call
• Ring Group, Call Queue, Auto Attendant, Intercom/Page, MOH, BLF
• Deliver Faxes & Voicemail to email Inbox
• Include rebranding softphone for free
• Professional and realtime support than open source

See also

Where to Buy

Mizu PBX - All-in-one compact IP PBX for Windows
SendMyCall - provides you with an interactive user interface that allows users to control international and local virtual phone numbers using Virtual PBX services in order to accomplish advanced call routing.
EU VoIP Distribution - VoIPDistri.com - Hybrid PBX Solutions (3CX, ALLO.com, Askozia, Asterisk, beroNet, CPBX, Gigaset PRO, Grandstream, OpemVox, Pika Warp, telpho)
ALLO.com - Manufacturer of VOIP hardware
Real Tone Technologies - All-in-One IP PBX Phone System for SME.
Zycoo Iran - IP- PBX systems .
Switchvoice - PBX systems and building blocks.
Yeastar - The new compact, feature rich PBX for every-day use.
Telesail - All-In-One IPPBX with powerful billing system.
Telesis A.S. - PX24 series Hybrid IP PBX systems.
VoIPon - Best Prices and Support on IP PBXs - UK & Worldwide - Call for reseller pricing or International Shipping. VoIPon.
Denver Phone Systems - IP PBX systems available in the US.
Tpad Bespoke Managed / Hosted IP PBX Business VoIP Solutions + Ultra Low Call Rates + DID's
IP PBX Software - IP PBX Software Solutions for the Enterprise
IPChitChat - IP PBX - Atcom -
Positron IP-PBX
maple4VOIP : pan-European distributor/etailer of premier IP PBX Appliances
XmarteK LLC - 3CX - DENWA - Elastix - Gateways, Transcoders, GSM, Analog Digital IP Phones
Yeastar - Web Technology - Yeastar Philippines Distributor
Carusto - Telecommunication platform - Carusto.com.
Software IP PBX support Multi-tenant - Software IP PBX system for Unified Communications

VoIPTech Solutions-IP PBX System Solution

IP PBX custom development services offered by VoIPTech empower staff to work from remote locations. IP PBX provides greater flexibility at a lesser cost by offering voice, data, video, and multimedia using a single network. Our IP PBX system comes with a set of ground-breaking features that revolve around the needs of dynamic businesses.

IP PBX Solution Key Features:
  • Call Control
  • Call recording
  • Call Detail Records
  • Local and Remote Call Agents
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Call forwarding
  • Call transfer
  • Privacy Manager
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Conference Bridging
  • Call waiting
  • Incoming/outgoing call routing
  • Music on Hold
  • Interactive Directory Listing
  • Voicemail

For more info

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