IP0021, FV6020, UTP-1200

IP Phone Supporting IAX2 Protocol

This phone is available from many distributors and apparently many manufacturers. I bought the phone form AstroHog and so far it seems to work fine. However, I am concerned that I seem to be unable to find the original manufacturer because I am unable to find updates to the firmware. However, the version I have has a fairly up-to-date firmware (by date) and so far there is only one minor annoyance (the ring in sound when you dial out is not the North American sound but instead a fairly piercing tone followed by a silence then it repeats) (You can change this: web interface -> Advance (sic) -> DSP -> "Signal Standard".)


The question mark is here because it is not clear exactly who manufactures this phone. I provided the links I found for completeness. Someone removed one of the links for spamming (That is not the case, I have a watch on the page and both links are a part of my original edit).
  1. Shenzhen Fanvil Electronics Co.,Ltd
  2. Uni-Ta Technology Co., Ltd.


  1. Tiger Netcom
  2. Uni-Ta Technology Co., Ltd.

Where to Buy

  1. AstroHog

Phone Specifications:


Product Details
Supports dual protocols (SIP and IAX2) and has a low price! IP0021 is an IP Phone with superb voice quality, high levels of integration, compactness and it is plug and play. IP0021 has an LCD screen that displays all relevant call information and can be used in both the home and office. *Asterisk Supported.
Voice Functions and Features

Protocols: SIP RFC3261,RFC 2543, IAX2
Codecs: G.711A/u, G.7231 high/low, G.729
Echo cancellation: Supports G.168
Powerful digital signal processing (DSP)
NAT transversal: supports STUN client, Citron, AVS
Voice activity detection (VAD) and comfort noise generation (CNG)
Advanced adaptive jitter control and packet loss concealment
Supports SIP info, DTMF Relay, RFC2833

Calling Functions and Features

Hands-free can support up to 96ms
Call forward/transfer/holding/waiting
Flexible dialing map
Caller ID identification
Support hotline
Empty calling no. reject service
Black list for rejected authenticated call
Do not disturb
Supports conference and voice recording

Network Functions and Features

WAN/LAN: Supports bridge and router model
PPPoE for xDSL, DHCP Client on WAN
SNTP Client, 802.1p/q, Diffserv
Network tools in telnet server include ping, trace route, telnet client

Maintenance and Management

Supports boot monitor
Can upgrade firmware through boot monitor
Can upgrade firmware and configuration file through HTTP, FTP and TFTP
Can config through web, keypad, telnet
Supports syslog
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