IPCC - International Packet Communications Consortium


From their website:

A Technology Forum working to advance VoIP through technical and marketing working groups for the convergence of broadband cable, wireless and wireline.

Technical Expertise in VoIP

¨ Database of Technical documents/Technical White Papers

¨ Unbiased voice for convergence of broadband cable, wireless, and wireline industries

¨ Influence Regulatory bodies (FCC, Homeland Security, etc.

¨ Influence Standards bodies

¨ Testing through partnerships

(interoperability or proof of concept of products)

Technical Working Groups

¨ Wireless/wireline

¨ Service provider

¨ Network boundary


¨ Tradeshows (demos space, collateral)

¨ News releases & interviews

¨ Speakers Bureau/Bylines

¨ Newsletter

¨ Networking – social events; annual meeting

¨ Educate industry

¨ Partnerships with other Forums/events/associations

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