‧ Call Control Protocol: SIP v1(RFC 2543), v2 (RFC 3261)
‧ Interface: FXO port*1
‧ Voice Code: G.711(64k bit/s, PCM), *G.723.1(6.3k/5.3k bit/s), *G.726 (16k/24k/32k/40k bit/s,ADPCM), *G.729A(8k bit/s, CS-ACELP), *G.729B(adds VAD & CNG to G.729)
‧ Echo Cancellation: Packet Loss Compensation, Adaptive Jitter Buffer, VAD (Voice Activity Detection), CNG( Comfortable Noise Generator), AEC (Acoustic Echo canceller), G.165(LEC, Line Echo Canceller), G.168(EC, Digital Network Echo Canceller)
‧ DTMF Function: In-Band DTMF, Out-of Band DTMF, SIP Info
‧ QoS:ToS support

‧ Interface: 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet
‧ Protocols: Static IP/ DHCP Client/ PPPoE Client/ TFTP Client/ HTTP Server/ DNS Client/ Telnet/ SNTP/ RTP/ RTCP/ DDNS
‧ Software Upgrade: HTTP/*TFTP/*Telnet
‧ Security: HTTP 1.1 Basic/ Digest authentication for Web Setup/ MD5 for SIP authentication (RFC 2069/ RFC 2617)
‧ *NAT Traversal: STUN/ R-Port
‧ *Build-in Router: DHCP Server/ DMZ/ NAT

Call Features
‧ *Call Functions: Call Hold/ Call Waiting/ Call Forward/ Call Transfer/ Caller ID/ Call Block/3-way Conference/ Call History
‧ Phone Functions: Volume Adjustment/ Phone book/ Speaker Phone/ Mute/ Redial

‧ User Interface: Web Browser/ Keypad Configuration/ *Telnet/*Console
‧ LED Indicator: Speaker/ Mute / PSTN to VoIP/ Line1/ Line2/ MIC talking status

Certification: CE/ FCC

General Information
‧ Power: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 9 VDC 1A
‧ Power Consumption: 6W
‧ Connector: RJ-45*2
‧ Accessories: Switch Power, RJ-45 Internet Cable*2
‧ Unit Dimensions : O12.6 ” x H2.56”

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