ISDN Features

Common ISDN Supplemantary Services

  • CLIP: Calling Line Identification Presentation
  • CLIP - no screening: CLIP can be modified by the caller out of the bounds of it's assigned number space
  • CLIR: Calling Line Identification Restriction. CLIP is supressed.
  • COLP: Connected Line Identification Presentation
  • COLP - no screening: COLP can be modified out of the bounds of it's assigned number space
  • COLR: Connected Line Identification Restriction. COLP is supressed.
  • AOC-S: Advice of Charge at call set-up time
  • AOC-E: Advice of Charge at the end of the call
  • AOC-D: Advice of Charge during the call
  • CD: Call Deflection (divert calls while they are ringing)
  • SUB: Subaddressing
  • CFB: Call forwarding on busy
  • CFU: Call Forwarding Unconditional
  • CFNR: Call Forwarding No Reply
  • CCNR: Competion of Call if Not Reacable (automatic callback on no reply)
  • HOLD: Call Hold
  • CW: Call Waiting
  • 3PTY: Three-party conference
  • CONF: Conference Call, Add-on
  • TP: Terminal Portability (allows a terminal to be disconnected and reconnected while /parking/ the call)
  • CUG: Closed User Group
  • CCBS: Completion of Calls to Busy Subscriber (automatic callback on busy)
  • DDI: Direct Dialling In
  • ECT: Explicit Call Transfer (refered to as TBCT, 2BCT, External Transfer, External Call Clearing and various other names by circuit providers)
  • LH: Line Hunting
  • MCID: Malicious Call Identification
  • MMC: Meet-Me Conference
  • MWI: Message Waiting Indication
  • MSN: Multiple Subscriber Number
  • OCB-F: Outgoing Call Barring, Fixed
  • OCB-UC: Outgoing Call Barring, User Controlled
  • TP: Terminal Portability
  • TH: Trunk Hunting
  • UUS: User-to-User Signalling, services 1, 2 and 3
  • En-bloc Dialling:
  • Overlap Dialling:

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