ITS Telecom CGW-PX

ITS Telecom

Convergence of Cellular, PSTN & VoIP Interfaces in One Box

Designed for corporate businesses and cellular operators the VoIP-Cellular-PSTN Gateway lets you seamless handover between cellular to fix calls or to VoIP and vice versa, any combination in any direction is possible.

Extremely beneficial for:

  • Cellular operators- Enable them to stream cellular traffic via their network, increase traffic and gain new revenues from incoming calls
  • Corporations- Enable them to migrate to the IP world without replacing the existing infrastructure and gain from low-cost VoIP calls and maximize network resources.

CGW-PX One Multi-Access Gateway

ITS Telecom and its multi-access gateway the CGW-PX offers a scalable, high performance gateway with 4 PRI interfaces, up to 32 cellular channels and supports GSM, CDMA and UMTS networks. ITS inherent PRI cards eliminate the need to purchase an additional PRI card for the PBX.


CGW-PX Main Features

  • Embedded VoIP, PRI and Cellular interfaces
  • Up to 32 cellular channels
  • 4 SIM cards per channel
  • PRI switching
  • Up to 4 PRI trunks
  • Supports GSM, CDMA & UMTS networks
  • Cost saving LCR table
  • CDR support
  • Superior audio quality
  • Easy installation- no need to reconfigure the PBX

For more Information:

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