IVONA Asterisk Module

Following instructions assume that Asterisk has been successfully installed and set up, and the reader possesses at least basic knowledge of how to use Asterisk.

Note: Some operations may require root privileges.

1. Go to the directory with IVONA Asterisk Module:

$ cd _$installdir/share/doc/examples/asterisk_.

where $installdir is IVONA installation directory.

2. Compile the module:

$ gcc -O2 -shared -fPIC -D_GNU_SOURCE -o app_ivonacl.so app_ivonacl.c

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that, if possible, the module will be built using EXACTLY THE SAME compiler and with EXACTLY THE SAME compiler flags as Asterisk. Using other options may lead to UNEXPECTED BEHAVIOR, including RANDOM CRASHES.

Note: If Asterisk was installed in the non standard location, the compiler may complain about missing asterisk include files. In such case, append -I/path/to/asterisk/includes to the above command.

3. Copy the module to some location accessible by Asterisk, e.g. default modules location:

$ cp app_ivonacl.so /usr/lib/asterisk/modules

4. Create a configuration file for IVONA module, using your favorite editor, so that it looks as below.

$ cat /etc/asterisk/ivona.conf
address =
port = 9123

This step is optional. If IVONA module does not find the configuration file, default values are used.

Note: You can create more than one section and thus connect to many ivonacl servers, for example to support multiple voices.

5. Add an extension to /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf:

exten => 9999,1,Answer
exten => 9999,n,IVONA(general, Hello\, this is IVONA TTS asterisk demo.)
exten => 9999,n,Hangup()

where 9999 is the extension name.

6. Start Asterisk. If it has already been started, reload or restart it completely in order to update its configuration. Using Asterisk CLI:

CLI> reload

or from the command line:

$ asterisk -r -x "reload"

7. Load the module using Asterisk CLI:

CLI> load app_ivonacl.so
Loaded /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/app_ivonacl.so => (IVONA TTS Application)

or from the command line:

$ asterisk -r -x "load app_ivonacl.so"
Loaded /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/app_ivonacl.so => (IVONA TTS Application)

8. Start ivonacl server with the same settings as in /etc/asterisk/ivona.conf:

$ ivonacl -D --address --port 9123

9. From the phone, call "sip:9999@", where "" is the Asterisk host and "9999" is the extension name. You should hear IVONA voice speaking text defined in /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf.

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