IVR System Simulation from DSC


IVR System Simulation from DSC

Database Systems Corp. provides complete IVR Systems and IVR Software that automatically answer phone calls and distribute calls to call center agents. Besides offering these comprehensive phones and software, DSC also provides IVR hosting services.

To assist customers and prospects with sizing an IVR system and for estimating agent resources for their particular calling campaign, DSC offers a FREE IVR Software Simulation service that accepts input parameters and calculates the resources required to perform a given inbound calling campaign. The results project campaign resource utilization and efficiencies.

IVR and VoiceXML Database Access

The DSC IVR systems can access information maintained anywhere on the internet using VoiceXML. When estimating average IVR resources, the simulation model must take into account the time required to gather this information and convert it and present this data to the caller. This is sometimes difficult because of the complexity of each request and the availability of the media server that is providing this information.

Simulating Interactive Voice Response Campaigns

The DSC Interactive Voice Response model is a resource calculator that estimates the amount of phone lines and supporting telecommunication equipment required to handle different types of automatic phone answering campaigns.

There are two types of IVR campaigns that can be simulated using this model. The first is a simple IVR with menu options that does not provide the caller with an option to speak with an online agent. The IVR administrator only needs to provide an estimate of the average time spent in the IVR by a caller. A more complex call is a Press Through campaign where the caller selects an option to speak with an agent. This requires additional phone resources (if an outside line is required) and a more complex time estimation based upon the conversation time between the caller and the agent.

The IVR model calculates incoming phone lines and system requirements for an inbound calling campaign. It estimates the number of lines required to handle peak load processing of these calls.

IVR Simulation Parameters

To simulate the operation of a voice broadcast campaign, various parameters must be defined and values placed on them. Here is a brief list of these input variables:

  • Average Call Length in Seconds
  • Peak Call Volume
  • Peak Call Period (number of hours

For Press Through campaigns, the following additional parameters can be set into the simulator:

  • Live Connection Percentage Estimate
  • Average Talk Time of Press Through
  • Number Of Press Through Lines Available

IVR Simulation Results

Once a campaign has been defined, the DSC IVR simulator produces a display that provides information about the effective utilization of call resources including phone lines and "Press through" agent productivity. Here are the model resource results:

  • Telecom Resource Requirements
  • Agent Utilization

For a complete definition of the IVR parameters and to view a sample simulation run including the final display report, please visit the IVR Simulation webpage.

IVR Applications

IVR applications and Voice broadcasting applications include emergency alerts, school and church notifications, and commercial customer and prospect contacts. The DSC IVR System can provide information to clients 24 x 7.

Additional Simulation Models

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