IVR Design Tool - IVR Studio

Voicent IVR Studio is a graphical design tool for developing and deploying high quality interactive voice response systems. The software has an easy-to-user user interface and support both inbound and outbound IVR application designs. This software is provided by Voicent Communications.

Sample Applications

The following applications can be easily created using IVR Studio:

Software Integration

The usage of any graphical design tool is severely limited if it does not provide extension methods for software integration. For example, integration with a relational database is a common practice for most IVR systems. IVR Studio supports the following two extensions: HTTP and Java. With HTTP interface, the system is easy to integrate with any web site. The first sample listed below uses this method. With Java interface, IVR Studio provides a generic method for any software integrations. The second sample listed below uses the Java extension method.

Software Download

Download the software at http://www.voicent.com/download

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