IVR Software Routines from DSC


IVR Software Routines from DSC

Database Systems Corp. has developed an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that provides callers with the ability to automatically interact with a phone system while obtaining information or performing transactions. By presenting the caller with recorded prompts and menus, an IVR accepts input from the caller using phone keypad input.

IVR software development tools are provided by Database Systems Corp. along with complete application development services provided by the professional staff at DSC. Applications are developed using common programming languages. Please refer to the DSC IVR software manual for complete details regarding these development tools.

Software developed for the DSC IVR system is portable and can be transferred to any other WIZARD analog or PACER digital phone system. Thus the investment in your phone application is not lost as your organization grows from a small analog IVR phone system to the larger digital PACER series.

IVR Command Routines

Software Function Routines

The following IVR software routines control the phone system functions within an IVR program. This includes obtaining control information that describes the nature of the call. Digits and responses are obtained from the caller and information is played back to the caller in the form of text or recorded wav files.

IVR Functions
Routine Name Routine Description
IVR_initialize Initializes the IVR system
IVR_get_ani_dnis Retrieves Caller ANI and DNIS information
IVR_get_call_info Returns Call Id and Status
IVR_terminate Terminates a Call
IVR_speak_text Converts Text Info and Plays
IVR_speak_messages Converts and Plays Multiple Message Files
IVR_play_message Plays a Single Message File
IVR_play_messages Plays Multiple Message Files
IVR_mixed_messages Play Combination Of Text and Message Files
IVR_get_digits Return Digits Entered By Caller
IVR_prompt Prompt Caller and Return Response
IVR_speak_menu Plays Multiple Text Messages and Returns Digits
IVR_menu Plays Multiple Wav Files and Returns Digits
IVR_mixed_menu Plays Combination of Text and Messages
IVR_start_recording Initiate Call Recording
IVR_stop_recording Stop Call Recording
IVR_delete_recording Play Music On Hold
IVR_play_music Delete Call Recording File
IVR_stop_music Stop Music On Hold
IVR_dial_call Dials A Phone Number
IVR_dial_call_cpa Dials A Phone Number with Call Progress On
IVR_drop_call Drops A Call
IVR_connect_calls Connect Calls Between Two Lines
IVR_transfer_out Transfer A Call To Another Phone Number
IVR_connect_extn Connects A Call To An Extension (numeric)
IVR_connect_extc Connects A Call To An Extension (character)
IVR_connect_dnis Connects A Call To A DNIS Group
IVR_set_call_data Set Call Data Into Area Accessible By Application
get_last_ivr_error Return Last Error From Phone System

Software Support Routines

These additional phone functions enhance the capabilities and ease of use of the DSC IVR system. These are provided in lieu of text to speech converters to ensure the proper pronunciation of hard to speak names and to ensure a smooth and continuous flow of variable information within recorded messages.

IVR Support Functions
Routine Name Routine Description
IVR_speak_number Plays Cardinal Numbers, Ordinal Numbers, and Currency
IVR_speak_phone Plays Phone Numbers, With Area Code and Extension
IVR_speak_address Plays Address, Street Name, Apartment, etc.
IVR_speak_city Plays a City Name
IVR_speak_state Plays a State Name
IVR_speak_zip Plays A Zip Code
IVR_speak_url Plays a URL (uniform resource locator)
IVR_speak_email Plays an email address
IVR_speak_spelling Plays the Spelling of a Word or Phrase
IVR_speak_date Plays a Given Date String
IVR_speak_date_t Plays a Given Date
IVR_speak_today Plays the Current Date
IVR_speak_time Plays a Given Time String
IVR_speak_time_t Plays a Given Time
IVR_speak_now Plays the Current Time

IVR Resource Calculator

DSC has designed an IVR system simulation program that models the performance of an IVR calling campaign. This calculator accepts variable parameters and produces a report that specifies the optimal number of phone lines to be dedicated to a inbound calling campaign.

IVR Software Applications

Database Systems Corp. has developed an extensive library of IVR Applications. These programs were developed for both public and private organizations who are providing information to community members and clients 24 hours a day. The link above presents a complete listing of the many industries that have been served by IVR software and individual categories include a customer profile and how each client is using IVR technology. Many of these clients user our IVR hosting services.

IVR technology has been employed in many different applications. IVR technology (from Assistive Technology) is embedded in DSC's CARE program that contacts seniors to ensure they are OK. Seniors can enter an acknowledgement key on the phone to inform the sheriff's department that they are OK.

IVR Reports

An IVR report system that analyses the ongoing performance of an IVR calling program is an invaluable management tool. The following IVR reports demonstrate the reporting capability provided by Database Systems Corp.

Contact Database Systems Corp.

Contact DSC at (602) 265-5968 or use the following Contact Form.

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