IVR Solutions from DSC


IVR Solutions from Database Systems Corp.

Database Systems Corp. (DSC) provides interactive voice response (IVR) solutions that allow callers to automatically obtain information or perform transactions using a phone system. Callers are presented with recorded voice prompts and menus and our IVR system accepts input from these callers using phone keypad input.

IVR solutions from DSC are comprised of the following:

  • IVR Software Toolkit - development tools used to create IVR applications
  • IVR Software Routines - Application library routines for IVR programming
  • IVR Systems - Phone systems that process inbound IVR applications
  • IVR Hosting - IVR outsourcing using our secure call center
  • IVR Applications - DSC provides a complete line of IVR phone applications
  • IVR Reports - IVR reports are a standard feature of our systems and services
  • IVR System Simulation - IVR modeling estimates resources required for IVR campaign
  • IVR Services - Complete IVR application development services

IVR Solutions

IVR Software Toolkit

IVR software development tools are provided by Database Systems Corp. along with IVR software development services. DSC IVR software is based upon an 'Open IVR' concept.

IVR Software Routines

IVR software programming library allows developers to create IVR applications using common programming languages such as C / C++, Visual basic, Active-X. and .NET

IVR Systems

Software created for our IVR systems is portable and can be transferred to any other WIZARD analog or PACER digital phone system. Thus the investment in your phone application is not lost as your organization grows from a small analog IVR phone system to the larger digital PACER series.

IVR Hosting Services

Besides offering IVR phone systems, DSC provides a wide range of IVR outsourcing and IVR hosting services. Hosted IVR is a popular program with many organizations that do not have the telecommunications equipment and infrastructure to maintain their own calling applications. DSC maintains an off site telecommunications center in a secure and redundant environment. Using experienced Interactive Voice Response development teams, DSC can develop and manage virtually any sized IVR campaign.

IVR Applications

IVR Applications and toll free answering solutions are becoming very popular today. Both public and private organizations are providing information to community members and clients 24 hours a day. In just a short period of time, this technology has been applied to a growing number of industries and projects.

IVR Reports

An IVR report system that analyses the ongoing performance of an IVR calling program is an invaluable management tool. These IVR reports present complete information about the calling campaigns provided by DSC and IVR systems.

IVR Services

DSC provides end-to-end IVR services for its clients. The following steps are performed by our IVR development team when creating a new IVR application:

IVR Simulation

To assist customers and prospects with sizing an IVR system and for estimating agent resources for their particular calling campaign, DSC offers a FREE IVR Software Simulation service that accepts input parameters and calculates the resources required to perform a given inbound calling campaign.

Contact Database Systems Corp.

Contact DSC at (602) 265-5968 or use the following Contact Form.

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