IVR Systems by UCN


IVR Systems by UCN

Businesses have long known that traditional IVR systems can positively impact their bottom line- reducing employees, shortening man hours, and enhancing customer service. But traditional IVR systems come with noticeable drawbacks, including: high start-up costs, heavy hardware investments and the addition of new employees or the hiring of an entire team to mange your new system. Hosted IVR by UCN Inc on the other hand, gives you all of the benefits of traditional IVR systems, with none of the drawbacks.

Hosted IVR Services by UCN are delivered as network-based, on-demand features, meaning you have no initial start up costs, no hardware investments, and no new employees to hire. UCN's IVR, along with the rest of the companies Incontact services, are pay-by-the-month features, meaning you pick and choose which features your business needs this month. Do your Call Center Employees need more in-depth information on the customers they're servicing? Perhaps it's time for your company to add some computer telephony integration software. Are your workers spread out geographically? You may want to look into automatic call distribution. Whatever your needs may be, UCN will meet and exceed them.

IVR Services

InContact allows you to configure:
  • Traditional or Basic IVR System: InContact can support the basic IVR functions, such as “press 1 for sales” and “press 2 for support”, type requirements.
  • Self-service IVR Software by UCN: Integrate inContact with an existing customer database and your caller can now self-service, never impacting your labor force. Single question/single answer situations are best for this application. Repair departments can off-load answers to the question “When will my part arrive”, by enabling the caller to enter an ID number. A query is sent from inContact to the customer database, and a response comes back. The response data drives the single answer script providing date and month. Or inContact uses information from the database to make decisions about which skills group the caller will be routed to. Your skilled agents can reside in multiple offices or work from home – giving your business greater flexibility in how to manage nationwide, 12-hour coverage across all time zones, for instance.
  • Automated IVR Systems: For example, using the outbound capabilities of inContact, you could construct an automated system that once a month, calls customers whose credit cards are about to expire. The outbound call is a pre-recorded notice, alerting the customer to update their card in the near future, then asking the customer to press 1 if he/she wishes to update right now. When they press 1, the call is handed off to an inbound IVR service that walks the caller thru the steps of inputting their account number, their new credit card number and related information. The caller never has to impact your labor force, unless you have built in an opt-out method, such as pressing 2, enabling the caller to speak to the first available agent.
  • Remain in Control: InContact customers have access to a drag-and-drop programming tool, inControl, enabling you to control exactly how you want the IVR system to handle inbound calls. Multiple handling paths can be created to support one or more switched or toll free numbers.
  • Supplement your existing phone system with advanced IVR service: As a hosted service, inContact is a “no-impact” add-on to your existing PBX or phone system. You don’t need to change a thing. You don’t need any additional hardware or software on your phone system. Your 10-digit, phone numbers are simply re-pointed to “ring” into the inContact hosted service, where the calls are answered and managed according to the rules you have created. When the call handling rule involves sending a call to the next available skilled agent, our inContact ACD Software simply places an outbound call to a direct dial number. Your onsite phone system then does what it does best – routes that call to the appropriate phone set.

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