SVK Software Corp IVRCat IVRCat v2.x: Calling Card & Callback Software for SIP Servers

IVRCat is an Interactive Voice Respose System designed for RadiusCat and SIP Servers (Brekeke SIP/PBX Server, 3CX PBX, etc).

IVRCat allows you to add unlimited IVR features to your SIP Server and RadiusCat Billing Server by responding to your callers with pre-recorded or dynamically generated audio to further direct then on how to proceed. IVRCat can be used to control almost any function where the interface can be broken down into a series of menu choices. IVRCat interoperates with any SIP Server and allows you to offer complete IVR features. This allows SIP and PSTN users to access your IVR System using regular and IP phones respectively. IVRCat is also 100% compatible with RadiusCat allowing your callers to access their entire billing information including Card Account details and VoIP Calling services.

Add IVRCat to your Brekeke SIP Server and provide relaible & scalable Calling Card and Callback Service to you customers in 5 different languages. Purchase IVRCat and get a FREE Brekeke SIP/PBX License.

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