IXC offers VoIP solution, designed to handle contemporary VoIP carrier's or service provider requirements.
Portfolio of the company constitutes Billing Retail, Billing Wholesale, IXC Softswitch and IXC Autotester.

* Main development directions

Softswitch, VoIP solution with build-in web-based billing and control
Prepaid Calling Cards Platform IXC Calling Cards Solution
Lucksi Gateway E1/T1 PSTN VoIP gateway
IXC Autotester VoIP wholesale routes testing Solution
IXC Radius Aggregator

* Software offers

  • Softswitch and all other software rent on standalone server is available. Unlimited installation for free within 2 days.
You can rent a softswitch to test it and then buy it.
  • PC2Phone platform for ISP as a way for ISPs to force customers' migration to broadband/DSL.
  • Start your calling cards business with us

IXC-NEWS - new page that contains news about IXC Softswitch and related products.

* Partnership programs
The programs are aimed for development of joint venture in VoIP business. Currently are available the next partnership programs:

* Site Updates
  • Site was fully changed to the newest version. Some pages has almostly new content. Feel free to contact us with feedback.
  • Ukrainian internet association announced VoIP exnchange, based on IXC voip softswitch. News are available in press releases section. Solution configuration - cluster of two servers.
  • New partnership programs are available at VoIP Business site.
  • New version is released. Details are available at news section.
  • New web-site, dedicated to VoIP partnership, VoIP business models, and starting new VoIP business, has been created. It's accessible through http://www.voip-business.org.
  • First professional Fake Calls Detection System from IXC is announced.
  • Added information about VoIP -> GSM termination solution. Information about Voip - GSM is now available in news section.

  • Generic information about the softswitch (VoIP softswitch) has been updated. New page contains more information about how to deploy softswitch and how usefull is softswitch usage for different types of service providers: ITSPs, ISP and new to VoIP companies. Generally, the main advantage is integrated billing and well-build routing module, alllows handly customize routing details.
Softswitch, PC2Phone, calling cards configuration and billing are provided through the web module, based on Apache web server and cgi scripts.

  • Information about the VoIP softswitch modules and modules usage is also available(softswitch modules)

_* Hints

Use Softswitch - How it works link to search most popular softswitch locations and softswitch advantages.

Information about SS7 deployment and SBC(Session Border Controller, or session controller) functionality will be available soon.
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