IXC offers VoIP solution, designed to handle contemporary VoIP carrier's or service provider requirements.
Portfolio of the company constitutes Billing Retail, Billing Wholesale, IXC Softswitch and IXC Autotester.

* New features expected in IXC Softswitch v4.4.6
  • Support for MGCP
  • Call routing vizualization based on XML protocol
  • Support for buik invoice generation/sending via e-mail
  • New features for traffic monitoring
  • Major enhancements in codecs transcoding performance

* New features released in IXC Softswitch v4.4.4
  • Active calls through XML interface.
  • Support for Private Extensions to the SIP according to the RFC 3325. Trusted networks support.
  • Support for codecs transcoding and buffering changes in SIP proxy mode.
  • New signalling options for SIP.
  • Advanced SIP messaging support.

  • Improved H.323 to SIP and SIP to H.323 event mapping.
  • Improved SIP interconection with Asterisk - high processor load issue.
  • Improved speed Call Path processing.

Bug Fixes:
  • Cseq issue.
  • Re-Invite issue

* New features released in IXC Softswitch v4.4.3
  • Jobs list. Now you can check what reports has been generated and when.
  • Rounding options. It's allowed to choose how to calculate duration.
  • Random routing on destinations with the same priority instead of round robin.
  • Update calls cost - tariff recalculation for residential prepaid customers.

  • Improved invoice generation.
  • Improved SIP interconection with Asterisk.
  • Improved speed of CDR generation to file.

Bug Fixes:
  • SMS-Callback accounting bug.
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