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IdeaSIP is a peer-to-peer VoIP network based on the (SIP) Session Initiation Protocol. Compatible with SIP-based phone networks, including Ekiga, FWD, IPtel, and SIPphone, it works with a variety of VoIP-based phones, including software phones such as X-Lite from CounterPath, hardware phones and ATAs such as those from Snom or Grandstream. You can join today for free, and get started by using either a free, downloadable softphone program, or by purchasing an IP phone.

Founded by the Bahamas corporation, Infinideas, inc., on the principle of keeping global communication inexpensive, the service offers free SIP to SIP communications in all regions of the globe that allow SIP communication. Using peering agreements with many major players in the VoIP market, IdeaSIP tries to ensure a maximum number of free calling options between users of various networks. Unlike Skype, IdeaSIP uses the open Session Initiation Protocol which allows it to interconnect with literally thousands of other small networks. IdeaSIP's service is an open SIP network and does not block calls from other providers.

Free softphones that work with IdeaSIP:

IdeaSIP offers many free services including:

  • Voicemail
  • Call blocking
  • Speed Dial
  • Call waiting
  • Caller ID
  • Call Forwarding

IdeaSIP offers several premium services:

  • IdeasOUT calling to PSTN numbers all over the world
  • IdeasIN dialin numbers in dozens of countries
  • Enhanced Voicemail

Free PSTN access is available via dialins from SIPbroker as well as free Washington State, US numbers available from IPKall.

Free US toll-free numbers, free US 411 directory assistance, free UK toll-free numbers, and free connections to ENUM numbers.

Peering agreements allow direct dialing of some of the popular VoIP providers such as Free World Dialup and GizmoProject


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