InPhonex is one of the fastest growing Internet Telephony companies in the world, specializing in private label, customizable VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) solutions. InPhonex caters to clients ranging from individual consumers to small businesses, hotels, call centers, ISP's, Web Hosting Providers, telecommunications companies, Telephone System Integrators and Fortune 100 companies.

Launched in 2003, InPhonex was initially created as a free Internet calling service. Recognizing the need for a more open and flexible architecture than the legacy VoIP providers offered, InPhonex provided a rich set of VoIP services, including pay-as-you-go, residential calling plans, international unlimited calling plans and calling card services.

In 2004, InPhonex announced its private label reseller program called VarPhonex, providing resellers with a reliable network and abundant InPhonex service features. Most importantly, resellers could package at their own price point, individual branding and with their own customizable and unique services.

Products & Services

InPhonex lets you use your Internet connection to make and receive phone calls at a fraction of what traditional telephone providers charge for the same calls. You can make Free calls to other InPhonex users, choose an Unlimited Monthly Calling Plan or Pay-as-you-go with our Prepaid Calling which is based on our Low Per Minute International Rates.

Local Number Portability
Keep your old phone number, even from Vonage, SunRocket, or other VoIP providers when you switch to InPhonex. US and Canada numbers may be ported.

InPhonex Trade In Program
Trade in your old VoIP Device and receive up to $64.95 in long distance call credit. InPhonex offers unlocked devices.

LiteLine $7.95/mo
Combines Pay As You Go Calling with your own incoming number. Includes a US incoming number, $9.95 startup call credit, and the InPhonex Suite of Features.

Pay As You Go Calling No monthly fee!
This is NOT a monthly plan, it's a Pay as You Go account that can be replenished anytime and you can open your account with as little as $9.95. Calls to US toll free numbers and other InPhonex members are always free, no matter where you are located. Includes the InPhonex Suite of Free Features.

World Unlimited from $19.95/mo
Call the US and Canada plus 67 additional countries for one low price. Plan includes an incoming number from anywhere in the world. All our calling plans include the InPhonex Suite of Free Features.

Business VoIP Service
InPhonex offers Business VoIP phone service around the world. Using an Internet Telephony device you can connect your companies phone system to VoIP for huge savings.

US & Canada Business Unlimited $49.95/mo
Unlimited calling to the USA and Canada fixed and mobile phones. Includes a US Incoming Number and InPhonex Suite of Free Features.

InPhonex Bulk Plans
Discounted Long Distance for Prepaid Calling Services and Other High Volume Users and Telemarketing Firms. InPhonex Bulk Plans offer "rollover minutes" and many simultaneous calls so you don't lose the time you don't use and can support the peak times.

Internet Phones and Adaptors

InPhonex supports many different SIP enabled devices and softphones using our proprietary Internet Telephony Platform. We offer many different types of devices and adaptors for sale and remember that you can use your own SIP device and we do not lock the configuration settings of any equipment we sell. See our configuration guides which provide step by step IP phone installation, device documentation and firmware downloads.

InPhonex Press Room

Check our last news, announcements and the upcoming Trade Shows that we will be exhibiting.

October 19, 2009 INPHONEX Announces World Unlimited Calling Plan to 69 Countries for $19.95 per Month
June 24, 2008 InPhonex Names New Chief Sales Officer
November 8, 2007 3CX and InPhonex deliver a complete and reliable VOIP Solution by strategically joining forces
July 17, 2007 InPhonex Welcomes Displaced SunRocket Subscribers

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