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India and VoIP

On August 18, 2008 TRAI(TELECOM REGULATORY AUTHORITY OF INDIA) issued this press release removing restictions on Internet Telephony: India TRAI Press Release legalizing VOIP

Caveat: The information in this section is what is considered to be the accepted interpretation of the Indian law as perceived by the author(s) of this section. It should not be construed as legal advice.

One-line history: Termination of VoIP into PSTN, afaik, has been long since illegal in India. There's a toll free number that you are requested to call (to complain) if your caller id shows a local number when you receive an international call.

Only as of recent times (since this year) has the country seen changes brought into the policies (Ref - Unified Access License Page). The laws specifically talk about only certain sets of players being able to do the termination legally. has an interesting note on the topic. (Note that ILD refers to International Long Distance; NLD to National Long Distance) also talks about why there's not much of an incentive for the big telecom providers (who are the only ones who can do termination) to switch to VoIP for domestic - like Vonage. (IMHO, they might still offer the termination to target the Non-resident Indian Community and the growing number of businesses overseas who would like such a feature. Then again, the companies would rather have a US virtual number in India than have an Indian virtual number in the US.

What is allowed: You can do PC-PC; PC-overseas PSTN (using only service providers licensed to operate in India -; SIP-SIP (with no origination or termination with the Indian PSTN)

Voice over IP over a managed network is allowed - essentially a leased line and so on. So many companies get you to lease an IPLC from say Bangalore to Singapore and terminate in Singapore.

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