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Flexible Digit Map To Direct Call To PSTN Or VoIP Network
The MTA 3030's most powerful feature is its flexible digit map architecture. Through the use of a service operator-defined digit map, the MTA 3030 can intelligently route calls to either the VoIP or PSTN network. The MTA examines all dialed calls against the digit map and determines which network to send the call to. For example, calls to emergency numbers (911, 110, etc.), directory assistance (411, 104, etc.), toll-free numbers (800, 005, etc.), or any other designated area codes can be configured to connect through to PSTN, while all other numbers are carried by the service operator's VoIP network. This feature offers the operator flexibility and control of the MTA 3030's call patterns, allowing for better management of the VoIP network.

Intelligent Switching Between The PSTN And PBX Ports For Handling PSTN Or IP Calls
The MTA 3030 can intelligently and dynamically switch PSTN and VoIP calls based on the availability of the PBX ports. For example, while PBX ports A1 and A2 are busy making VoIP calls and/or PSTN calls, an incoming PSTN phone call coming from PSTN port B1, will intelligently be switched by the MTA 3030 to either PBX ports A3 or A4, depending on their availability.

Designed For Greater Call Reliability - PSTN Fallback If Power Failure Or IP Network Down
The MTA 3030 is designed to provide high telephony reliability, assuring that calls will always be connected by passing calls through to PSTN in the event of an IP connection interruption, VoIP network unavailable, or even a total power failure. For example, if VoIP calls cannot be made via PBX A1 - A4 ports, calls originated from A1 - A4 will be switched to PSTN ports B1 - B4.

Supports PSTN DID (Direct Inward Dialing) And DID Regeneration For IP Calls
The DID feature makes it seem that all extensions on a PBX have direct lines to the PSTN. The MTA 3030 allows easy deployment for accommodating both VoIP calls and PSTN calls with DID features. With the MTA 3030, all extensions on a PBX seem to have direct lines to both the PSTN and VoIP network. For example, the MTA 3030 will regenerate the DID signal to the PBX allowing an incoming VoIP call via one of the PBX ports A1 - A4 to reach extension 5889.

Supports PSTN CID (Caller ID) And CID Regeneration For IP Calls
While intelligently switching from PSTN ports B1 - B4 to PBX ports A1 - A4, the MTA 3030 will maintain the CID signal from the PSTN and carry it to the extension of the phone connected to the PBX. Also, to enable incoming VoIP calls to have CID features, the MTA 3030 will regenerate a CID signal to the PBX.

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