IntelliTouch Communications
5160 Carroll Canyon Road
San Diego, CA 92121-1775
Telephone: 858-457-3300
Fax: 858-457-3311

Makers of the Intellitouch ITC3002 VoIP phone (originally called IP 2600 phone) Is also called the SIPXpert 160 IP PHONE from ABPTech

The retail price for the Intellitouch ITC3002 VoIP Phone is $169.99 USD

The ITC 3002 is a standards based SIP IP Phone which has been designed for the application of IP Centrex and enterprise business phones. It can perform 2 concurrent line calls and has 3-way conferencing mixing capacity. In addition, the phone has an extremely rich feature set and complete supplementary call services which have been the deciding points for many office (IP PBX) and residential ADSL/Cable users.

With 2 Ethernet LAN ports (LAN/PC), LCD display, soft keys, and five programmable buttons, it offers a comprehensive feature set and a sophisticated design for users.

It supports web-browser, LCD- operation, specific TOOLS, and Telnet management. There are two levels of administration available, user and administrator.

Newest Firmware identified to date for these phones
Version: 1.0.63 - ABP
This is the version from ABP Tech, but has been loaded on to phones that had Intellitouch label.

For Additional Phone Information:

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IntelliTouch VOIP product distributors:

US and International (excluding Canada)
Todd Baca
(512) 928-1533

US Only
SOHO PBX Consulting
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