Integrated Networks

IN1002 IP Phone HOP - 1001 / 1002 / 1003 Lianyungang Hirakawa Electronics

These phones can be found on eBay for about USD$90.00 per unit. The seller states that Integrated Networks is the OEM. The sticker on the bottom of the unit reads "Hirakawa Electronics Co., Ltd. Type HOP-1002", the units use cosmetically modified Wu Chuan firmware, and the Integrated Networks web site appears to be devoid of real content.

Dedicated firmware for SIP, IAX2, and other protocols can be found at the Centrality Communications Ltd website. Documentation is here.

Before upgrading the firmware, verify on the back side of the device the revision number. Revision 4 units use the PingHe firmware, while revision 8 units use 5111PHONE firmware. Check the label on the bottom of the phone if you are unsure about the revision of your particular phone.

Note that the shipped firmware (1.3x) does not speak IAX2, even though the configuration page has it as an option. To use IAX2, you must flash the phone with 1.4x IAX2 firmware.



Configuration notes:

  • Note: The 'Super Password' specified in the Documentation may be incorrect. If you're not getting as many options as you should when you log into the device, try 19750407, 19800211, or 12345678 instead of just 1234
  • To configure for SIP use with Asterisk, flash the unit with SIP firmware, uncheck "Use Service", enter the fully-qualified domain name of your Asterisk server into the "service addr" and "service id" fields, and set "call type" to "advanced".
  • To configure for IAX2 use with Asterisk, flash the unit with IAX2 firmware, check "Use Service", and enter the fully-qualified domain name of your Asterisk server into the "service addr" and "service id" fields.
  • Sample SIP setup

Hints and Tips

Reset to factory defaults

To reset the configuration to factory defaults, hold down '#' while booting. It will prompt you for a password. This will be either 12345678 or 19750407. This will appear as *'s. Push the 'speaker' button. It will then prompt you with 'network settings'. Use Vol+ and Vol- to navigate to 'default settings'. Push 'speaker' and it will say 'Are you sure?'. Push Speaker again. Push 'Vol+' 4 times to go to 'save settings' then push 'speaker' twice. It will then reboot.

Unable to flash

This seems to cause the most amount of problems, but these devices have a built-in emergency recovery mode. Switch the phone on while holding down '*'. It will say 'Booting...' and two blocks will appear. The 'Booting...' will then clear and the top line will just be '*'. When it is in this state, the IP address of the phone is (usually) You can then use PalmTool to upgrade the firmware.

How to use PalmTool

Instructions for using PalmTool to perform an emergency flash can be found on the PA168 page.
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