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Since 1995 Intermedia has been providing their customers with the best in enterprise level features with their Cloud PBX product. The 24/7 customer service team with Intermedia knows that you don't have time to waste, and that it is crucial for your business to always be serving at its highest capacity. That is why they follow these five pillars; security, reliability, support, compliance and on boarding & migration. Intermedia boasts about their worry-free experience that customers like Stranded Oil rave about!


Intermedia offers their customers with 99.999% uptime SLA. You may ask yourself why they advertise all "five nines", and it's because those extra nines matter. With five nines instead of the standard three, Intermedia offers your team a better quality product. Imagine only being offline 5.289 hours per year (99.999%) rather than the standard 17.68 hours (99.9%). That's a big difference, and with companies that understand that time is money, Intermedia knows that you can't afford to lose that much time.


Intermedia is the recipient of the Utilites & Telecommunications Award for Best Cloud Business Applications Specialist in 2017.

Irina Shamkova, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Intermedia, was recognized by CRN in their "Power 100: The Most Powerful Women of The Channel 2017" article for her key role in Intermedia's events strategy.

Jim Kruger, CMO at Intermedia, was recognized by Bizx Journals as a "person on the move" because of his prestige expertise in marketing that is guaranteed to elevate Intermedia's position as a leading cloud applications provider.

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